AMC Promo: February 2009

AMC's February 2009 Promo

Every choice either brings us together….or drives us apart – this February on "All My Children."

This February, every choice has it’s consequences. Check out All My Children’s amazing new promo teasing what will happen this month. Pine Valley’s resident confused bi-sexual interloper (Reese) kisses Zach! We’re assuming that Kendall sees and gets outta there like a bat out of hell. Apparently Greenlee (veil and all) is riding on Ryan’s motorcycle (away from the church?). Kendall sends Greenlee over the edge…literally. Bianca & Reese’s wedding. Oh and there’s some other people in the promo too.

Check it out for yourself:

{flv width="430" height="323" autoplay="on"}promos/weeek_of_february_0209/AMC020209{/flv}