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AMC Spoilers: Week of April 27

Eden Riegel returns to Pine Valley this week on All My Children.

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Binks Returns…Again

Binks returns to Pine Valley to mend fences with Kendall, but later realizes she still has feelings for Reese. Unaware that Binks is in town, Erica urges Reese to go to Paris to try and reconcile with her. Kendall, realizing that the two women have no idea that Binks has returned, jumps on the bandwagon to convince Reese to fly off to Paris immediately. After later having an emotional talk with Biinks and reaching a new understanding with her sister, Kendall and Zach work together to arrange a meeting between Binks and Reese. Reese pours her heart out to Binks, hoping that she’ll be able to find it in her heart to give her another chance. Erica encourages Binks to invite Reese over to see the girls, and her heart melts, as she watches Reese and Gabrielle reunite. Miranda tells Reese that Binks has been sad since leaving Pine Valley. Reese’s wish comes true when Binks decides to give their relationship another chance, and the two head back to Paris with their daughters.


Ryan is caught off guard when he recieves a package from Alexander Cambias Sr. containing a manuscript outlining the details of the Satin Slayer murders. Alexander confesses to all the murders, except Dixie, claiming someone else killed her. Ryan alerts Tad to Alexander’s claim about Dixie’s murder. Tad discourages Ryan from going to see Alexander at the psychiatric facility but he goes anyway. Alexander warns Ryan that a killer is still on the loose in Pine Valley. Tad let’s JR in on what Alexander said. A lightbulb appears over JR’s head, when he realizes that if Alexander didn’t murder Dixie, then Babe was most likely the killer’s intended victim. Stuart remembers seeing Adam with a satin ribbon when Tad and Jesse question him about Dixie’s murder. JR asks Adam point blank if he killed Dixie.


Marissa goes to Wildwind looking for Krystal but ends up spending time alone with David. After learning she has nowhere to live, David invites Marissa to stay at Wildwind but warns her not to take advantage of Krystal’s good nature. Krystal covers her discomfort upon learning Marissa is going to be moving in with her and David. Krystal overreacts when she walks in on Marissa giving David a back massage. Zach and Liza are intrigued with each other, despite Liza not telling him who she is. Frankie’s family fears the worst when they learn his convey has been ambushed but Brot and Taylor point out that Frankie is a skilled soldier who can take care of himself. Erica begs Adam to tell his children the truth regarding his illness, but later informs him not to. Jake tells Amanda that the details about giving her baby up for adoption have been worked out and she’ll never have to see the child again. Amanda later tells Jake that she’s fallen in love with her unborn baby and can’t give him up. Opal continues to be plagued by horrifying visions and is certain something awful is going to happen. Stuart is troubled when he remembers Adam’s behavior on the day Dixie was murdered.


Krystal is desperate to keep her secret from Tad. David sees red when Marissa sides with JR. Zach and Kendall face another crisis with Ian. Erica wants Ryan to back off of Kendall. Adam tortures Krystal when he threatens to expose her secret. Angie, Jesse and Randi get news about Frankie. David wonders what Adam is holding over Krystal. Jake declares his love for Amanda. Adam wants to make a deal with David. JR is furious with Adam for using Little A as a bargaining chip. Zach tries to ease Kendall’s fears. Krystal reveals her secret to Tad. Scott makes a disturbing discovery. David is up to no good. Annie is closer than Aidan realizes.

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