‘Another World’ Revisited With AnotherWorldToday.com

'Another World' Revisited With AnotherWorldToday.com

Telenext Media launches AnotherWorldToday.com, a website featuring text-based episodes of “Another World,” 10 years after it’s cancellation.

Fans of Another World will be pleased with the announcement the classic soap will be returning in text-based episodes on the Web. After 10 years of being off the air, AW will be available at AnotherWorldToday.com when they begin offering weekly episodes that will be focusing on the familiar families of the Corey’s, Hutchinses, Loves, and many other Bay City residents.

The text-based Another World will be written by Alina Adams (Oakdale Confidential and The Man from Oakdale) and it will pick up 10 years after the series. “The renewed success of Another World online is a testament to the show’s enduring appeal,” says Brian T. Cahill, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Telenext Media Inc. “We are so pleased to offer them another chance to visit with their old friends from AW.”

The website will also offer readers an on line poll so fans of the soap can guide the story and help decide the fate of their favorite characters. The first installment of the new, yet, old soap will be May 4th. Full episodes of Another World can be seen online at Hulu.com.

Omar Nobles, Editor-in-Chief of TVSource Magazine will interview Alina Adams tomorrow to discuss how Another World Today came to be.