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James Scott Impostor on Web


James Scott Impostor on Web

“Days Of Our Lives” James Scott wants fans to know there’s an impostor on the web.

Days of Our Lives star, James Scott wants Days fans to know there is an impostor among you on the web. James explains to Soap Opera Digest the impostor is posing as the actor when in reality, James is a “technophobe.”

“I want to alert people to the fact that this is a fraudulent entity,” says the actor, who only recently discovered just how misrepresented he was online. “The whole reason this came about is because I did an event in Hartford [CT] and people contacted my MySpace page because they wanted to find out more about it. I looked at it and there is a MySpace page that is supposed to be my official MySpace page, though it is not. It has nothing to do with me,” explains James to Soap Opera Digest.

The impostor has taken it a step further as ‘he’ is now tweetering as James and thanks to co-star Allison Sweeney, James discovered what the impostor has most recently been up to. “They’ve gone a step further in that they are doing two things that are very misleading, one of which is a blog, which is not mine and the second is, they are ‘tweeting’ as me. Alison Sweeney (Sami) found this out.”

James goes on to explain, “I don’t have an official Web site, a MySpace page or a Facebook page and I am not on Twitter. I’m a technophobe; I barely use my computer and I don’t do social networking of any kind. And I can’t imagine I’m the only person this has happened to.”

We hope soap fans take into consideration that there are more soap actors like James Scott, who lack computer skills and who are not on the internet. Many actors who do have ‘official’ sites are maintained by a team of people or by someone close to the actor. We hope soap fans will be careful as to who they speak to on the internet, as with James, sometimes it is not the person you think it is.

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