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GH Spoilers: Week of June 1

Luke’s past mistakes infuriate Lucky.

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Sonny agrees to allow Michael to live with him and Claudia. Claudia is pleased that Michael has taken a liking to her. Carly is crushed to learn Michael will be living with Sonny. Morgan comes to visit Michael at the hospital. Morgan asks Michael to come back home with him. Michael changes his mind and agrees to move back home with Carly, Jax and Morgan. Claudia becomes unsettled when she hears Michael remembering parts of the shooting incident while he’s under the influence of medication. Michael wants to recover sooner rather than later and pushes himself too hard during a therapy session. Jason walks in on one of Michael’s tantrums with Robin. Carly realizes Michael is playing her and Sonny against each other to get what he wants. Michael tries to leave the hospital but is caught by Toussaint. Sonny begins to have second thoughts about Michael living with Carly and Jax. Michael manages to get himself out of the hospital while his family worries that he is missing.

After analyzing the tape, Spinelli informs Jason there is no doubt Claudia ordered the hit on Jerry. With the new evidence on Claudia, Jason is in the position to blow her right out of the water. Jason doesn’t reveal to Sonny the evidence but does imply that Claudia had the means and opportunity to do it. Claudia learns that Jason has a taped conversation of her ordering the hit on Jerry. Claudia witnesses a close moment between Carly and Sonny. Claudia believes staying close to Michael will be the only way to save herself. The claws come out when Claudia clashes with Olivia over Johnny. Claudia is stunned when Johnny tells her, he will reveal all if harm comes to Olivia. Claudia gets under Jax’s skin when she tries to convince him, Carly is trying to get back into Sonny’s life. Claudia tries to turn Michael against Carly. Carly confronts Claudia about Michael, after overhearing a conversation between Claudia and Johnny.


Holly comes clean with Luke and Ethan and tells them, they are father and son, while Elizabeth convinces Lucky to forgive Luke for his past mistakes. Ethan is pleased to know Luke is his father, but shuns Holly. Lucky goes to make amends with Luke, but changes his mind when he sees Luke and Holly sharing a goodbye kiss. Holly defends Luke to a very angry Lucky. Ethan and Luke agree to have another DNA test done. After Ethan talks with Lulu, he is forgiving towards Holly and embraces her. Luke and Holly share a bittersweet goodbye.


Alexis and Elizabeth become more certain Rebecca has ulterior motives for being with Nikolas. Rebecca and Nikolas give into temptation and hit the sheets. Agent Raynor informs Alexis, Rebecca was adopted illegally from the black market, but he doesn’t know if Rebecca knows the truth. When Alexis arrives at Wyndemere, after Rebecca and Nikolas have had sex, Rebecca bolts. She later encounters Helena on the docks and wants nothing to do with her. Raynor shares with Alexis more unsettling information about Rebecca. Alexis shares this news with Nikolas, while Rebecca meets with her mystery partner in crime.


Robin doesn’t want to return to work full time, so she can spend all her time with Emma. Kristina has a run in with Jason, and later finds Michael waiting for her in her room. She feels she has been ignored by her father.

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Ric’s concern for Claudia raises Sonny’s suspicions. Sam doesn’t want Kristina making the same mistakes she did. Rebecca’s true agenda is revealed. Sonny wonders if Ric is the father of Claudia’s baby. Patrick and Robin are in a good place. Jax has concerns about Michael. Rebecca begins to try and win Jason over. Tracy leaves Luke with an ultimatum. Elizabeth doesn’t believe Rebecca’s as innocent as she claims. Michael can’t control his rage. Claudia fears she might have lost the baby. Spinelli wants to figure out what Kate’s really up to. Olivia shares her suspicions about Claudia with Sonny. Michael’s homecoming doesn’t go smoothly. Spinelli, Maxie and Lulu discover Kate’s secret.

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