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GH Previews: Week of June 8


GH Spoilers: Week of June 8

Matt’s career as a doctor may be over.

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After Carly and Claudia both take a tumble down the stairs, Kelly gives Carly a clean bill of health, but Claudia begins to suffer severe cramping and fears she may lose her baby. Ric’s concern for Claudia doesn’t sit well with Sonny and begins to question him as to why he is hanging around Claudia. After talking with Olivia, Sonny insists Claudia get a paternity test. Kelly performs an ultrasound on Claudia. She re-assures Claudia the baby is still alive but she will need to avoid stress. Claudia overhears Olivia telling Sonny there is a good chance the baby may be Ric’s. Sonny tells Claudia she doesn’t need to stay, she can pack her bags any time she wants to. Sonny begins to see Claudia’s softer side when he overhears her expressing her love for her unborn baby.

Jason forces Michael to go visit Carly and he shares a moment with his mother. Michael tells her he’s having memory flashes of Claudia visiting him while he was in the coma. Carly tries to find out how much he remembers about those visits. Jax is concerned Michael’s visits are causing unneeded stress for Carly. Jax confides in Alexis that he is keeping things from Carly but doesn’t reveal all he knows about Claudia’s involvement in Michael’s shooting. Michael’s homecoming with Jax and Carly doesn’t go as planned and he storms out.


Alexis refuses to back off of Rebecca because she doesn’t want to see Nikolas get hurt, while Rebecca and Ethan get the last laugh over the scheme they cooked up together. Later, they are caught together by Nikolas. When Nikolas provides proof that Rebecca is positively Emily’s twin sister, Rebecca seems surprised. Rebecca’s seemingly surprised behavior continues as she questions Nikolas about Emily. Jason tells Rebecca he will help her any way he can and she comes to realize he is not suspicious, and she needs to keep it that way. Nikolas stuns the Quartermaine family with the news about Rebecca, but Elizabeth has her suspicions. Helena is not too pleased when she overhears Rebecca and Ethan discussing their scheme. Luke confronts Helena after he overhears her threatening Rebecca. Luke gets knocked out by Helena’s body guard for his trouble. Helena loves having Luke at her mercy …again.


When Mayor Floyd’s mistress has a mishap at Metro Court, Olivia call on Robin and Patrick for help. As they try to help her, Mayor Floyd sneaks out the back to avoid being noticed. Reluctantly, Patrick agrees to let Matt perform the surgery on Brianna Hughes, Mayor Floyd’s mistress. While Robin and Patrick enjoy the afternoon in the park with Emma, Matt is faced with a crisis in the operating room. After his patient dies on the operating table, Matt bristles towards Robin and Patrick’s concern for him. Diane informs Robin, Patrick and Matt, the family of Brianna Hughes is bringing a case of malpractice against Matt and the hospital.


Sam defends Jason to Kristina and is curious as to what Kristina is up to. Alexis adds the pressure to Mayor Floyd to get funding for the public schools in Port Charles. Kristina and Michael end up in danger while on a wild joyride. Michael has another outburst, this time towards Elizabeth. Maxie gives Spinelli the green light to find out why Kate is leaking confidential Crimson information to the competitors. Robin and Patrick make love.

COMING SOON: Week of 6/15

Sonny has a change of heart towards Claudia. Matt continues to push Robin and Patrick away. Sam is in over her head when she takes on a new case. Ric stirs up trouble between Sonny and Claudia. Jason confides in Sam about his concerns for Michael. Michael fears he’ll end up attacking someone he loves. Tracy catches Ethan and Rebecca together. Maxie and Spinelli set out to solve a mystery. Diane suspects that Alexis is up to something. Claudia makes plans to silence Jason once and for all. Sonny seethes when he sees Olivia and Johnny together. Michael winds up in a barroom brawl. Michael takes his anger out on Carly. Olivia worries that Sonny is purposely putting Johnny in danger. Sonny and Claudia’s anger leads to passion.

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