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OLTL Previews: Week of June 22


OLTL Spoilers: Week of June 22

Todd pulls the wool over Blair’s eyes … again.

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Wedding Bells

Starr and Cole are pleasantly surprised when Todd seems to have no objections to their marriage plans (even after learning of Cole’s arrest and prison conviction), but they’re unaware that Todd, as always, has hidden motives. Blair also falls for Todd’s act and plays right into his scheme when she expresses her own reservations Starr and Cole’s marriage, however she turns the tables on him later when she agrees to consent. Tea exposes Todd’s manipulations, and a livid Starr demands that Todd prove his love for her.

Truth or Consequences

Gigi demands the truth from Roxy, after Schuyler convinces her that Roxy knows more than she’s telling. In spite of her guilt, Roxy remains all clammed up. Gigi has to go to Natalie and Jared to fulfill her end of the bargain with Kyle and receives the full force of Natalie’s wrath for her troubles. Natalie remains unmoved by Gigi’s pleas, and leaves her in tears. Schuyler persuades Gigi to trust Natalie and Jared, who are more understanding, and agree to drop the charges against Kyle as she requests, but they’ve learned their lesson and they refuse to keep secrets anymore. They insist she has to tell Rex the whole story.

Just as they are about to have sex, Rex and Stacy get busted at the Country Club and then hauled down to the police station, where Bo manages to smooth things over for them. Rex admits to Bo that he would have slept with Stacy, but Gigi is the woman he loves with all his heart. Brody and Rex have another confrontation, but Brody entreats Rex to trust Gigi. Jessica lashes out at Stacy, who then has a meltdown in front of her class of little ballerinas. Rex makes it very clear to Stacy that he wants her, but after they have sex, Rex begins to remember some of the things Stacy said to him the night she drugged him. Gigi comes clean with Rex and he finally realizes who the real Stacy is.


Shaun tells Rachel about his brother Greg, a surgeon, and how he abandoned their family. Meanwhile, Clint tells Bo and Nora he’s found a doctor who can help Matthew. Nora thinks Bo is jealous that Clint found a way to help Matthew. Dorian tries to smooth things over with Markko’s family, but Ernesto remains firm in his refusal to allow Markko to see Langston. Cristian denies he has any interest in Layla. Fish suggests Layla apply for a job at the police station. Marty asks John to help her and Cole disappear. John agrees to accept Bo’s job offer, if Bo can do something for him in return.


Todd walks in on Cole’s marriage proposal, Gigi confronts Roxy, Rex and Stacy get busted at the country club, and Marty confides in Viki on Monday, June 22.

Natalie shreds Gigi, Destiny gives Justin and Becca their just desserts, Mo Charlie and Shaun tell tales about Dorian to Ernesto, and Shaun and Rachel talk about his brother on Tuesday, June 23.

Brody tells Rex to trust Gigi, Jessica blasts Stacy, Rex and Stacy have sex, Greg tells Matthew’s family he’s confident Matthew will walk again on Wednesday, June 24.

Jared and Natalie demand the truth from Roxy, and Rex and Gigi come face to face on Thursday, June 25.

Schuyler slaps Stacy . . . with some cold hard truths. Rex learns the truth about Stacy, Blair beats Todd at his own game, Natalie and Jared put the screws to Kyle, Marty asks John for help, on Friday June 26.

COMING SOON: Week of 6/29

Jared and Natalie return to their old ways. Stacy has an unexpected visitor and ally. Rex devises a plan to expose Stacy. Starr plans her wedding. Even though Todd can’t put his feelings into words, he and Tea fall into bed. Blair doesn’t like Todd and Tea’s closeness. John fights for Cole’s freedom.

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