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AMC Previews: Week of June 22


AMC Spoilers: Week of June 22

JR and Marissa share a kiss.

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Two Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Annie tells Aidan that she no longers needs him, because she has Adam now. Erica tries to get Adam’s attention, but he’s focused on Annie. Erica promises Ryan that she’ll put a stop to Annie and promises he’ll never have to worry about Annie being around Emma again. Ryan rips into Liza for defending Annie. Annie is pissed at Ryan, who tells her she’ll never take Emma away from him. Erica and Ryan conspire against Adam and Annie. Erica, Ryan, Annie and Adam have dinner, and Erica comes up with a plan. Erica pushes Annie’s buttons. Annie pulls Adam into a kiss and finds a gun in Adam’s desk. Ryan spies on Annie.

Gone Baby Gone

Amanda starts to suffer from PPD and remains destraught after giving up her baby. David admits to Amanda that he might let her keep the baby if it had live. Tad wishes Liza would change her mind about taking Amanda’s baby. Liza worries that Amanda will recognize her baby. All hell breaks loose at the baby’s memorial service. Liza feigns going into labor when Amanda appears ready to expose the truth at her baby’s memorial service. Jake and Tad lure Liza away to allegedly give birth. Jake tries to convince Liza that moving away from Pine Valley would be the best for everyone. Liza and Colby begin to bond. Amanda’s arrival could put Jake and Liza’s plan in jeopardy.

Elsewhere in Pine Valley

North makes a move on Randi, but she pushes him away. North is angry when Randi tells him, she’s married. Frankie pushes everyone away, after his surgery was unsuccessful. Frankie manages to move his fingers. JR and Marissa grow closer and JR pulls away after they kiss. Brot and Taylor are at a crossroad in their relationship. Taylor tells Tad a secret. Frankie sees Randi and North together. Jesse stands up to North when he refuses to arrest Zach.

COMING SOON: Week of 6/29

Tad and Jake scramble to keep their ruse alive on Monday, June, 29.

Ryan ends up making things worse for Kendall on Tuesday, June 30.

Randi threatens to expose North’s past on Wednesday, July 1.

Kendall’s fears get the better of her on Thursday, July 2.

Friday, July 3rd episode is a repeat, originally aired on 5/15/09: Angie and Jake work to save Ian’s life. Annie makes her move and Adam’s enemies want him to pay for his sins.

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