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OLTL Previews: Week of June 15


OLTL Spoilers: Week of June 15

Michael suggests to Marcie they move to Seattle.

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Where Are The Children?

Marcie tells Starr that she’s matured and can be a good mother to Hope. Michael suggest he and Marcie move to Seattle where he’s been offered a new position. Cole is arrested for possession of drugs, although he was disposing of them at the time of his arrest. Marty, John, Bo and Nora believe Cole when he says he isn’t using again, but they’re powerless to prevent the judge from sentencing Cole to prison, and then Cole goes and finds Starr and Hope. When Cole admits he’s going to prison, Starr promises that she and Hope will be waiting when he gets out. Cole makes a surprising proposal.

Tea is furious when Todd forces her to testify at the custody hearing because she could be disbarred for her role in John and Blair’s sham of a marriage. Both Tea and Blair admit that they confessed that Todd is the love of their lives and the judge rules that Todd and Blair must share custody of their children . . . and the same residence. Tea plans on getting even with Todd. Todd suggests that he, Tea and Blair all live together and in the ensuing argument Blair blurts out that Hope is home and Todd rushes to see for himself.

Dorian reels from Ray’s rejection and goes on a bender, humiliating Langston at Markko’s graduation party and making quite the impression on Markko’s ultra-conservative parents, Ernesto and Aurelia, when she reveals that Markko and Langston made love on prom night. Markko stands up to Ernesto when his father demands that he no longer see Langston. Langston presses Dorian to make things right.

True Blood

Stacy asks Schuyler to stop trying to prove she is not the true bone marrow donor, but Schuyler tells Gigi he has proof. Gigi realizes she can’t expose Stacy until the true donor is identified and hatches a plan to seduce Kyle into revealing the donor. Gigi’s plan is unsuccessful, but as always Kyle is willing to make a deal. Meanwhile, Rex and Stacy live it up at the country club until their scam is exposed. Schuyler thinks Roxy knows more than she’s telling.


The Buchanans gather to mourn Jessica’s daughter. Layla accepts a date with Fish and Cris isn’t pleased. Matthew shares his feelings about Clint and Nora’s plans to marry. Bo and Nora watch with pride as Matthew plays the piano for the first time since his accident.


Marcie returns Hope. Dorian goes on a bender and makes a spectacle of herself, Todd and Blair square off in court and the judge rules they must live together on Monday, June 15.

Cole is arrested and Starr shares a happy reunion with her daughter on Tuesday, June 16.

Bo advises Rex to take things slow with Stacy. The Buchanans and Brody mourn Chloe on Wednesday, June 17.

Rex is turned on by the sight of Stacy in a bikini, Markko vows to come up with the money to move from his parents home, Layla agrees to a date with Fish on Thursday, June 18.

Todd suggest he and Blair and Tea cohabitate, Gigi plans to get the truth from Kyle, and Stacy and Rex get caught on Friday, June 19.

COMING SOON: Week of 6/22

Blair and Tea cross swords over Todd. Todd is shocked when Blair calls his bluff. At Jared and Natalie’s insistence, Gigi exposes Stacy’s lies to Rex. Bo and Nora’s bond grows. Tea plans her revenge. Marty turns to John for help.

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