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Bury Me Alive Baby! Louise Sorel Returns To 'DAYS'


Bury Me Alive Baby! Louise Sorel Returns To 'DAYS'

Arguably one of “Days of Our Lives’” best villainesses of all time, Madame herself, Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) will be returning to fans’ living rooms this fall.

Bury me alive, baby!  Arguably one of Days of Our Lives’ best villainesses of all time, Madame herself, Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorel) will be returning to fans’ living rooms this fall.  And it couldn’t come at a better time.

For years, fans have wanted Sorel back on their screens and for weeks they have speculated that it would happen soon.  Just a few weeks after Emmy winner Crystal Chappell announced her return to Days as Dr. Carly Manning (aka Katerina von Leuschner),  Soap Opera Digest is confirming Sorel’s return as Carly’s archnemesis, Vivian Alamain.  What began as an internet rumor scooped by the self-titled blogger, the Diva of Days , is now being confirmed by the magazine.  We love when that happens (and it does so often)!

Executive producer Ken Corday recently told Soap Opera Digest that from September of this year to March 2010 will be the most important six months in the history of the show because the ratings from those months will determine whether the show is picked up for another year into March 2011.  So what does co-executive producer Gary Tomlin then do to help Days prepare for their most crucial six month leg to date?  He cuts production costs and gets story moving.  But then, he unexpectedly stages a major casting coup in bringing back Crystal Chappell, the woman who held the show down in the early 90s while Deidre Hall was gone, to kick off Days‘ most crucial six months ever.  And for the cherry on top, he brings back her onscreen nemesis to play cat-and-mouse yet again.  Checkmate, Mr. Tomlin.

Sorel portrayed Vivian Alamain (or Aunt Vivian as she was known to audiences as well as Carly’s husband Lawrence Alamain) from 1992-2000.  The character was famous for her onscreen shenanigans ranging from burying Carly Manning alive (one of Days’ most famous storylines) to stealing the embryo that would become Philip Kiriakis and impregnating herself with it (a pregnancy that lasted for a daytime record of 13 months) as well as tricking Victor Kiriakis into marrying her.  When last scene, Vivian, and her trusty companion Ivan (Ivan G’Vera), left Salem on a cruise after Ivan had just won the lottery.  There is no word on G’Vera’s possible return.
Sorel is no stranger to soaps.  She appeared on Santa Barbara and One Life to Live prior to her run on Days.  After leaving the show in 2000, Sorel appeared on Passions, Port Charles and All My Children.

While no airdate is yet available, it is said that Sorel will appear onscreen sometime this fall. We’re putting it out there, this fall Days of Our Lives is going to be the show to watch.

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