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OLTL Previews: Week of August 3


OLTL Spoilers: Week of August 3

Will Clint’s wedding day end in heartbreak?

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It’s A Fine Day For A Whacked Wedding

Bo and Nora struggle with their conflicted emotions. Bo tries repeatedly to tell Clint about what happened between him and Nora, but is interrupted each time. Tensions mount at the wedding when the priest asks if anyone has any objections to Clint and Nora’s nuptials, but drunken Blair and Dorian crash the wedding and prevent Bo from speaking up. Tea catches Nora’s bouquet, while Blair nets Viki’s. Nora and Bo share longing looks as Nora dances with her new husband. The perfect picture of wedded bliss, Charlie and Viki share a private dance at the diner. However, Viki is floored by Charlie’s latest proposal.

Todd swears to Tea she’s the only woman he wants to be with as Blair stands by. Blair is miserable when Todd and Tea leave the wedding together. Todd creates a romantic surprise for Tea.

Llanview Undercover

Rex and Gigi’s relationship is strained when he learns that Gigi offered to pay for Stacy to have an abortion. Gigi is worried when Rex confesses he won’t abandon his child, but they wind up in each other’s arms anyway, acknowledging they will have many struggles ahead. Stacy miscarries, but well aware that her baby is the only hold she has over Rex, she keeps it a secret.

Layla defends Fish when Cristian suggests he might be gay. Later, unaware that Cristian is watching, Kyle and Fish kiss at the diner. Cristian insists that Fish must tell Layla the truth.

Cole’s undercover operation begins in earnest. Asher and his boss, Serge, surprise Cole at his apartment. While there Serge plants a “bug”. Luckily, John also has the apartment under surveillance so when Starr calls Cole, John is narrowly able to avert a crisis. John tells Starr she can’t see or speak to Cole until the sting operation is concluded.


Greg thinks he has Rachel figured out. Matthew’s court case gets underway, and Tea’s arsenal is loaded with the information about Bo and Nora’s kiss. Bo and Nora’s new attorney, Elijah makes his first appearance.


Blair imagines a bleak future for herself and Dorian, the wedding day arrives and a mysterious stranger visits Nash’s grave on Monday August 3.

Stacy collapses after a heated argument with Gigi. Blair and Dorian crash the wedding. Jessica thinks she sees Nash on Tuesday, August 4.

Stacy receives devastating news, Todd declares he wants to be with Tea only, the newlyweds share their wedding dances on Wednesday, August 5.

Cole meets Asher’s boss, Kyle and Fish kiss, and Charlie suggests he and Viki expand their family on Thursday, August 6

Elijah and Tea face off, John averts disaster, Schuyler apologizes for kissing Gigi on Friday, August 7.

COMING SOON: Week of 8/10

David returns to Llanview, Blair hires Rex to uncover Tea’s secret, Jared and Natalie are faced with a mystery, Brody proves Jessica’s stalker is real and Elijah gains the upper-hand over Tea.

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