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GH Previews: Week of August 10


GH Spoilers: Week of August 10

Rebecca’s secrets are exposed!

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Jason hurries to save Sam from Jerry, but he’s sent on a wild goose chase. Sam is in danger from Jerry as he plays his twisted games with Jason. Jason and Jerry are engaged in a deadly standoff. A trapped Jason is taunted by Jerry, when Jerry claims Claudia is innocent in Michael’s shooting, bragging he tricked Sonny into believing she was guilty. Shots are fired and Jerry leaves Jason for dead. Jason begins having hallucinations as he floats in and out of consciousness, meanwhile, Sam is desperate to find him. Sam discovers Jason severely wounded.

Michael and Kristina realize Jerry has all the control when they try to leave the apartment. Michael and Kristina attempt to escape the apartment before Jerry returns. Kristina doesn’t know what to do when Michael is losing the fight with the guard. Michael and Kristina escape the apartment and head for the bus station. Michael and Kristina make themselves comfortable in their jobs at the resort in Cancun.


Johnny and Dominic are soon surrounded by cops when they try to take down a Zacchara drug shipment. Dominic tries to protect Johnny and tells him to hide, he is then arrested by Lucky. Dominic’s identity is found out by Mac and the new Assistant District Attorney, Louise. Olivia is shocked to hear Dominic has been arrested. Olivia follows Dominic to a secret meeting he has with his undercover partner, Ronnie. Olivia insists Dominic returns to Brooklyn and gets himself reassigned a new case, but he remains adamant about taking down Sonny. Olivia tries once again to change Dominic’s mind about taking down Sonny, but to no avail. Johnny witnesses Olivia and Dominic in a heated discussion. Olivia takes matters in her own hands and tries to have Dominic re=assigned to a new case.


Ethan’s jealousy boils over when he sees Rebecca having a good time with Nikolas. Lucky is summoned to the Haunted Star where Ethan is waiting to tell him all about Rebecca and their plans to scam Nikolas, while Rebecca realizes she’s fallen for Nikolas. Once he knows the truth, Lucky and Elizabeth struggle with the decision to tell Nikolas what they know about Rebecca. Nikolas plans an extravagant trip to Greece for him and Rebecca. Elizabeth believes Rebecca’s feelings for Nikolas are genuine. Ethan receives a message from Rebecca when she decides to tell Nikolas the truth, but Lucky has beaten her to punch. Nikolas is stunned when Lucky reveals to him the truth about Rebecca and her plans.


Maxie defies Mac and accepts Spinelli’s proposal. Johnny tries not to lose his temper when Claudia badmouths Olivia. Kate tries to turn Maxie and Spinelli’s wedding into a big event for Crimson. Sonny and Claudia agree to try to change their ways. Dominic rescues Morgan from Keifer. Carly is reluctant to let Dominic take Morgan to a baseball game. Robin thinks she’s on the right track in proving who killed Brianna Hughes. Johnny asks for Spinelli’s help against his father’s wishes. Carly notices a resemblance between Dominic and Morgan. Jax warns Dominic to stay away from his family.


Johnny and Dominic bust a Zacchara drug shipment but are soon surrounded by cops on Monday, August 10.

Jerry manages to get the upper hand on Jason on Tuesday, August 11.

Ethan’s jealousy grows when he sees Rebecca enjoying herself with Nikolas on Wednesday, August 12.

Robin thinks she’s on the right track in proving Andrea Floyd murdered Brianna Hughes on Thursday, August 13.

A seriously wounded Jason hallucinates as he drifts in and out of consciousness on Friday, August 14.

COMING SOON: Week of 8/17

Nikolas confronts Rebecca with her lies. Sam comes to Jason’s rescue. Sonny wants answers from Dominic. Danger lurks for Sam and Jason. Elizabeth has tough words for Nikolas.
Lucky has no sympathy for Rebecca. Alexis admits the truth to Sonny. Jason’s in bad shape. Robin is determined to catch a killer. Jax learns Olivia’s secret. Rebecca faces off with both Nikolas and Alexis. Lulu finds herself in a sticky situation. Olivia pleads with Jax to keep her secret. Sonny makes a decision about his future with Claudia. Jason seeks Sam to help him through his ordeal.

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