One on One With '90210's' Trevor Donovan


One on One With '90210's' Trevor Donovan

Trevor Donovan (ex-Jeremy, DAYS) talks about his role on 90210 in this exclusive TVSource Magazine interview.

Trevor Donovan joined the cast of 90210 the recurring role of pro-tennis player Teddy Montgomery. Teddy is the son of a famous movie star and is used to getting whatever, and whoever, he wants. Teddy returned to West Beverly in the season premiere after having spent time abroad.

Donovan, a former Abercrombie Model, was raised in Mammoth, California. The actor ventured into acting a few years ago. His credits include the new Bruce Willis film, “Surrogates,”and a contract role on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives,” as resident bad boy Jeremy Horton. Trevor also raced on the ski/snowboard team on mammoth mountain and is a semi pro surfer. Trevor takes his surfboard to work with him and, often times before or after work, jumps in the ocean for a surf session.

TVSource Magazine: Were you a fan of the original 90210?

Trevor Donovan: Very much so, I grew up watching it. Actually they came up to my hometown and shot an episode up there. I got to kind of hang around and be an extra on set, be up on a ski lift and stuff. It’s pretty cool being on the show now.

TVS: Did you watch the new series before you became a cast member?

TD: Yeah I was checking it out now and then. I watched, but mainly revisited it during the last several episodes of the first season, which in my opinion really started tightening up and made for some interesting storylines and cliffhangers to start off the second season.

TVS: Did you audition for the role or did they call you?

TD: I had originally went in to audition for a very small 2 line role for one episode and after that audition, which went really well, the casting director asked me if I would mind doing a cold read for this role, Teddy Montgomery, because they were having somewhat of a difficult time finding the correct fit. It was kind of a last minute thing and it seemed to have gone pretty well because here I am! [Laughs]

TVS: Can you tell us a little about Teddy Montgomery? What’s he like?

TD: Teddy is the son of a two time Oscar winning actor. He grew up very affluent, with somewhat a silver spoon in his mouth, although does not exude any sort of pretentiousness at all. He’s a very affable, very friendly guy — very welcoming, somewhat mature beyond his years because he did grow up around adults in the entertainment industry. He’s somewhat of an old soul, more mature in some respects. He’s a new student at school, a pro tennis player and semi-pro surfer as well. He’s very active; bringing in sort of an extreme Southern California vibe –lots of skin showing, lots of scenes on the beach. It’s gonna be cool.

TVS: Are there any similarities between you and Teddy? What are they?

TD: In my opinion there’s a lot. He’s one who definitely loves life. Always has a smile on his face, and loves being outdoors, loves being athletic. Those are all of the things I really love and have loved my whole life. He loves interacting with people, all of those things kind of cross over smoothly into my personal life too.

TVS: Do you know if there’s going to be a love interest for Teddy? This is 90210 you know.

TD: There is a little past — a little history between my character and the character of Adrianna played by Jessica Lowndes. So there’ll be a little bit of tension. Like I said Teddy’s gets along with everyone so well, and being the new kid at school, he’s already attracting the attention of various female students. There’s going to be all sorts of interesting scenarios created throughout the year’s storyline.

TVS: How many episodes have you filmed so far? Do you know how many you’re expected to be in?

TD: I have filmed 6 so far. I just show up to set and do my job and just enjoy the time that I have. We’ll see. Everything seems to be going really well. I have my fingers crossed. I hope the fans love it as much as I do.

TVS: Fans of 90210 who watch soaps might remember you from your time on ‘Days of Our Lives’ as Jeremy Horton. Did you enjoy working in daytime? How has it helped you with your new role?

TD: I did.  It was my first real big gig and so it was a bit nerve-wracking and everything, but it was a great learning experience. It was kind of like an “acting boot camp” because of the amount of dialog and stuff that I had to memorize every night and how prepared I had to be every day. It really felt like I was being thrown into the mix. It paid off immensely not only for helping me with my auditioning techniques, but also my acting in general. So being on this set, I’m a little more comfortable now. I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my own skin and I’m ready to keep working.

TVS: What are you looking forward to most this season?

TD: I’m looking forward to…..staying on this show throughout the entire season [Laughs]. Right now I’m going week by week, episode by episode. I’m just looking forward to the next day at work. I just love it. It’s so much fun to get paid to play, to get paid to do what I love to do.

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