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OLTL Previews: Week of October 12


OLTL Spoilers: Week of October 12

Bo and Nora trick Matthew.

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Blair suffers memory loss after her fall. Tea can barely conceal her relief that her child will remain a secret for the time being, as Dorian informs everybody that Blair may or may not regain her full memory at any moment. Todd pulls Tea aside demanding to know what Blair was trying to tell him. Tea accuses Todd of looking for excuses so he can return to Blair, but Todd assures her he was trying to find her to give them a second chance. But when Tea asks Todd if that’s still what he wants, he levels her with his admission that he doesn’t believe she can ever be a mother to his children. Meanwhile, Moe catches Ross in the act of trying to steal Tea’s briefcase, which he’s convinced contains information about his child. Oliver arrests Ross. At the station, Ross tells his attorney Eli that he needs to get Tea’s briefcase. Ross tries to escape, while Eli tries to steal the briefcase. When Tea returns to Todd to collect her things, Jack tells her about the theft and she races to the station to retrieve her briefcase. Ross is recaptured when he’s found in Blair’s hospital room. Tea isn’t fooled when Eli tries to gain entry into her hotel room so he can get his hands on the briefcase.


Natalie seeks Marty’s help to get John to back off Jared. John accuses Natalie of doubting her husband’s innocence. John and Marty make good use of some alone time. Jared returns home after being released on bail, and confesses to Natalie that he knew Jessica’s stalker, Wayne Landers, and there’s more that he’s been hiding. Jared receives a mysterious text message warning him to stay quiet. Then later receives another summoning him to the Buchanan Lodge. Delphina warns that Jessica is still in danger and whoever killed Wayne Landers will strike again. Brody insists that Jessica and Bree move in with him, and while they’re packing, they discover something surprising in her closet. Natalie tells Jessica, Brody and John what she knows. Natalie races to the Buchanan Lodge to find Jared.


Bo and Nora pretend to support Matthew’s decision to have the surgery in Seattle, but instead trick him into boarding the BE jet and hijack him to London. Just as Greg and Rachel are about to make love, they get word that Shaun has emerged from his coma. Nick and Amelia try to persuade Oliver that their lies are justified in their fight to legalize same sex marriages. Although tempted, Schuyler refuses to help Stacy and Kim plot to break up Rex and Gigi.


Tea breathes a palpable sigh of relief when Blair doesn’t recall that Tea gave birth to Todd’s baby on Monday, October 12.

Natalie seethes when John voices his belief that she’s starting to have doubts about Jared’s innocence on Tuesday, October 13.

Delphina claims to Jessica and Brody that Nash is still trying to send Jessica a warning on Wednesday, October 14.

Jared makes a shocking confession to Natalie onThursday, October 15.

Matthew’s livid when Bo and Nora reveal they’re taking him to London on Friday, October 16.

COMING SOON: Week of 10/19

John and Natalie make a grisly discovery. Blair’s up to something. Tea challenges Todd to deny that he loves her. Matthew finds he doesn’t have an ally in Kevin. Dorian justifies her actions to Starr and Langston. Natalie fears for a missing Jared. Bo and Nora worry that they’ve done irrevocable damage to their relationship with their son. Marty’s forced to go along with Blair’s plan. Gigi wants to work things out with Rex. David’s on the verge of telling Dorian how he really feels. Fate throws Gigi and Schuyler together. Blair manipulates Todd. Rex bails on couple’s counseling with Gigi to help a desperate Natalie track down Jared. Gigi accepts Schuyler’s invitation to a concert. Blair is up to her old tricks. Tea shares her secret with Rachel. Jessica hears a voice from beyond the grave.

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