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AMC Previews: Week of November 2


AMC Spoilers: Week of November 2

Aidan begins to manipulate Zach and Kendall.


Adam remembers everything about the night of Stuart’s murder. As Zach, Ryan and Erica press Adam to reveal the truth, Adam pulls a gun on them. While stuck in an elevator, Annie tells Scott why Adam is so important to her. Adam visits Stuart’s grave and breaks down as he recalls what he’s done. Annie finds Adam at Stuart’s grave as he’s about to do something drastic. Scott tells Adam he does not want revenge, as it would rip the family even further apart. Annie panics when Adam tells her he’s going to tell the authorities what he’s remembered. Adam is rushed to the hospital, while Annie and Scott point their finger at David. Scott and Annie plead with Adam to keep the secret. Annie pulls out all stops when Adam is about to confess. The stress of remembering how and why Stuart died takes it’s toll on Adam.


Aidan develops feelings for Kendall, but doesn’t tell her. Zach manages to send a message to Kendall but Aidan keeps it from her. Pretending to be Kendall, Aidan sends Zach a message, which doesn’t sit well with him. Aidan later sends Kendall a message, presumably from Zach. Aidan’s manipulations fall short when Zach arrives at the chapel. At Aidan’s insistence, Kendall pulls herself away from Zach, just as the authorities arrive. Aidan grows more obsessed with Kendall.


Angie strikes a deal with the devil. Jake and Amanda long to be together. Liza warns Bailey that Damon will never change. David makes a case for why he and Liza should be together. JR and Marissa discuss having a baby. JR is hit hard by the news that his from from the support group lost his battle with cancer. Annie and Scott suspect Adam has been drugged. Ryan tries to bagger a confession out of Adam but is interrupted.


Jake and Amanda long to be together on Monday, November 2.

Ryan wonders if maybe Annie didn’t kill Stuart after all on Tuesday, November 3

Jake and Amanda fantasize about making love on Wednesday, November 4

JR and Marissa get past a rough patch on Thursday, November 5

A familiar face comes back to Aidan’s life on Friday, November 6

COMING SOON: Week of 11/9

Adam’s life is on the line. Ryan shares the truth with Liza. Aidan and Kendall’s time on the run could be coming to an end. Liza stands up to David. Angie reaches her breaking point with Jesse. JR confronts Adam about Stuart’s murder. Trouble looms for Jesse and his family. Annie makes a desperate move. Amanda is fed up with David. JR refuses to help Zach. Jake has unexpected news for Ryan. Aidan’s up to no good.

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