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OLTL Previews: Week of November 2


OLTL Spoilers: Week of November 2

David advises Nora and Bo to stop wasting time.

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It’s the British invasion in reverse as more citizens of Llanview begin to arrive in London. Let’s hope they cast advance ballots for the mayoral candidate of their choosing. Bo and Nora discuss all the things that wrecked their relationship to begin with, and as David and Destiny arrive they confess their love. David urges them to act upon their feelings before it’s too late. A guilty Nora tries to convince Clint not to come to London, but he decides to surprise her anyway. Kim decides to make a play for Clint. As Andrew commences to perform the mass “commitment ceremony”, Dorian longs for David to appear. David hears Langston’s voice mail telling him that Dorian still loves him as he watches Dorian marry Amelia on television. Kyle plays runaway groom, and declares his true love for Oliver. On their way to London as well, Tea confesses to Eli that Todd is really Danielle’s father. Ross arrives at Hogwarts, only to be ejected by security. Todd is determined to find out what Tea is doing in London, over Blair’s objections. Matthew and Danielle plan to escape. Destiny arrives just as they make their move, and she and Matthew share an emotional farewell.


Rex and Natalie are surprised to find Jessica in Napa. Jessica explains about the phone call asking her to come there. Rex’s Aunt Corinne calls and pleads with him to come to Michigan, where unbeknownst to Rex, she and Nadine are holding Brody captive. Before he departs, Rex makes Natalie swear she will contact the police, but after he’s gone, Natalie tells Jessica she has no intention of allowing the police to capture Jared. Somebody observes Natalie and Jessica anxiously waiting at the cottage in hopes that Jared will show up, then Natalie gets a text message from Jared and leaves Jessica at the cottage to go meet him. When Natalie is gone, Jessica comes face to face with Jared, who adamantly maintains his innocence . . . and reveals he didn’t send the message that lured Natalie from the cottage. Jessica is uncertain what to believe and tries to get away from Jared. When he arrives in Michigan, Rex meets the same fate as Brody. John pieces together that somebody is scheming to keep Rex and Brody away from the twins. John’s hunch pays off when he arrives at Nadine’s and uncovers their plot and he and Brody set off to Napa to rescue Natalie and Jessica. Corinne tells Rex she knows the truth about his father.


Although he’s already realized that Rachel has feelings for Greg, Shaun is furious when he finds them kissing. Markko refuses to tell Langston who he will vote for as the citizens of Llanview head for the polls to elect a mayor. Gigi’s conflicted feelings for Schuyler and Rex combined with a load of emotional torture from Stacy lead her to over indulge in some adult beverages, and she then asks Schuyler to take her home. A drunken Gigi puts the moves on Schuyler. Family gathers to celebrate Hope’s birthday. Viki and Marcie share an emotional reunion at Chloe’s grave. Viki makes a discovery at the cemetery, suitable for Halloween.


Tea confesses to Eli that Todd, not Ross, is really Danielle’s father on Monday, November 2.

Everyone makes their way to the polls as the citizens of Llanview cast their votes for either Viki or Dorian in the race for mayor on Tuesday, November 3.

Blair urges Todd to accept the fact that his relationship with Tea is over but he’s determined to find out why she went to London on Wednesday, November 4.

Jessica and Natalie’s nerves are frayed as they wait at the cabin hoping Jared will arrive onThursday, November 5.

Jessica comes face to face with Jared, who denies having killed anyone or luring Natalie out of the cabin on Friday, November 6.

COMING SOON: Week of 11/9

Jessica makes a gruesome discovery. Jared protests his innocence. Gigi pours her heart out to Schuyler. Natalie, Jessica and Jared come face to face with the Devil. Rex is horrified to learn the identity of his father. Bo, Nora and Tea realize Matthew and Danielle ran away. John and Brody race to rescue Natalie and Jessica. Blair sees how dangerous Ross can really be. Viki vows to stand by Charlie no matter what. Jared’s life hangs on the line. Blair makes a deal with Ross. Eli urges Tea to tell Todd the truth about Danielle. Charlie’s past comes back to haunt him. Rex confronts Roxy. Bo and Nora fail to stop Matthew’s surgery.

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