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AMC Previews: Week of October 5


AMC Spoilers: Week of October 5

David is confident that Amanda will never leave him.

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Frankie believes Madison’s pain is genuine when he witnesses her father showing no sympathy for her, while visiting her in the hospital. Jesse and Ange enact their right to have Madison committed to Oak Haven for a psychological evaluation. Madison gives Frankie the key to her safety deposit box containing the incriminating evidence against Randi. Frankie and Madison get in a car accident while on their way to Oak Haven. Madison’s injuries require her to be hospitalized, while Frankie appears to be ok. Frankie later assures Randi and Jesse that he didn’t intentionally cause the accident. Frankie lies to Madison. Frankie reveals to Randi that he sees Madison in a new light, after learning how damaged a person she really is.


Annie pays Emma a visit, much to Ryan’s dismay. Annie gives Ryan a warning that Emma could be implicated for murder if he doesn’t let go of his vendetta. Adam hides his worry when Annie’s late to meet him. Zach, Kendall and Aidan come up with a plan to get the truth out of Annie. Zach, Aidan and Kendall hold Annie captive in the room they’ve created. With Annie nowhere to be found, Adam suspects she left town. Aidan begins to interrogating Annie, pushing her to the breaking point. Annie pleads with Aidan that she’ll be left with nothing if the truth comes out. Emma confesses to Ryan that she didn’t shoot Stuart. Jesse warns Zach that he’s gone to far when it comes to Annie. Emma wants to tell Ryan the secret she’s keeping, but insists on seeing Annie first.


Jake apologizes to Amanda for hurting her and hopes they can get back what they once had. Amanda and Jake’s relationship seems to be back on track. Tad is furious when Krystal tells him how she offered herself to David in exchange for him leaving Amanda alone Jake shows up at Wildwind to spend time with Amanda and Trevor. David informs Amanda that he’s made arrangements to have Trevor’s christening. Amanda insists that Jake be named Trevor’s Godfather and David reluctantly agrees. David is confident that Amanda will never leave him.


Scott and Marissa convince Colby to try and make amends with Liza. Annie tells Adam that Aidan and Ryan kidnapped her. Liza’s heart sinks when she’s served with legal papers. Jesse overhears Madison confessing to Frankie. Tad doesn’t see how he and Krystal can even think about trying to reconcile if David is still in the picture. After Trevor’s christening, Jake fears that he, Amanda and Trevor will never be a family.


Scott turns Ryan down when he broaches the idea of working together to prove Annie shot Stuart on Monday, October 5.

Tad and Krystal urge Jake to fight for Amanda on Tuesday, October 6

Ryan surprises everyone when he makes a plea on Annie’s behalf at her trial on Wednesday, October 7

Zach and Kendall end up closer than they’ve been in a long time on Thursday, October 8

Madison is rushed into the emergency room after overdosing on pills on Friday, October 9

COMING SOON: Week of 10/12

Zach and Kendall give their hearts to one another all over again. Adam remembers more about the night Stuart was murdered. Annie confides in Scott. Scott defends Annie to Adam. Zach and Kendall have their hands full keeping their ruse alive. Jesse puts Angie in a tight spot. Ryan questions Scott’s new attitude towards Annie. Zach and Kendall’s plan starts to unravel. Angie doesn’t like the changes she sees in Jesse. Kendall takes matters into her own hands. Scott promises Annie he’ll keep the secret about the murder. Zach plans to turn himself in. Kendall turns to Jake and Amanda for help. Annie sneaks in to Emma’ hospital room. Kendall promises Zach she’ll find a way to come back to him.

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