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OLTL Previews: Week of November 23


OLTL Spoilers: Week of November 23

Schuyler discovers Stacy secret!

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Schuyler observes Stacy repositioning her phony baby bump and quickly surmises that Rex isn’t her baby’s daddy. As always, Kim does all the thinking for the diabolical duo, and saves the day by claiming Schuyler is the real father. At first Schuyler is skeptical, but Kim and Stacy convince him that he did the deed. Kim and Stacy persuade Schuyler that if he really wants a chance with Gigi, he better keep his mouth shut and allow Rex to continue to believe he’s going to be a proud papa.

Todd rescues Tea from Ross, then puts the pieces together about Danielle and refuses to allow Ross to take her. Dani refuses to believe Ross attacked Tea, accusing Todd instead. Then when the police arrive, she manipulates the situation and has Todd and Tea arrested for trying to kidnap her. On the way to the station, Tea admits the truth to Todd. Dorian resigns herself to defeat and prepares to go to London to catch up with David, but her plans change when she learns Viki abdicated her office. Mitch sends a minion on a mission, and also dictates a chilling letter to Jessica. Natalie warns Rex to stay away from Mitch, and Roxy is crushed when her children reject her. One Life to Live celebrates an old fashioned Thanksgiving by reuniting friends and family. Clint realizes how much Bo and Nora want to be with Matthew so he arranges for everyone to fly to Seattle. Rex, Gigi, Shane, Moe and Noelle surprise residents of Llanfair with a Thanksgiving feast and are joined by Dorian, Starr, Cole and Hope. The Evans family brings Thanksgiving to the Buchanans, who have much to be thankful for when Matthew regains feeling in his legs. Cristian, Layla, Fish and Kyle celebrate together. Rex warms up to a lonely Roxy.


Mitch instructs one of his minions to carry out the next phase of his plan on Monday, November 23.

Kyle’s pleased when Fish refers to him as his boyfriend on Tuesday, November 24

Everyone’s thrilled when Matthew experiences some feeling in his legs on Wednesday, November 25

One Life to Live will re-air the October 9, 2009 episode on Thursday, November 26

One Life to Live will be pre-empted on Friday, November 27

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