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OLTL Previews: Week of December 21


OLTL Spoilers: Week of December 21

The Buchanan’s witness a Christmas miracle.

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Bo and Nora face off with Clint who is loaded with more than just a few sharp retorts about their betrayal. Clint tells Bo they are no longer brothers. Kim leverages Clint’s anger and hurt to get closer to her goal. Clint accepts Kim’s invitation to cozy up with her at the loft, but tells her that he’s not fooled by her show of concern and affection. Nigel and Renee try to find a way to keep Clint from Kim’s clutches. Viki is concerned for Clint. Bo and Nora feel really guilty about hurting Clint, but they’re getting over it, and Matthew’s first steps make their Christmas miracle complete. Meanwhile, Mitch threatens Dorian’s girls to coerce her into firing Bo and hiring a new commissioner of his choosing.


Gigi admits to Schuyler that she has feelings for him, and invites him to hang at Viki’s cabin with her. Natalie’s hopes for a baby to be a living connection to Jared are dashed. After confessing to Rex that she stabbed Mitch, Natalie persuades him to go to the cabin to make things right with Gigi. Of course, when Rex arrives at the cabin, he finds Gigi with Schuyler. Stacy pays a visit to Mitch, who tells her that he can deliver what she’s after, but is he asking too much in return? Roxy kicks Schuyler out of Angel Square Hotel opening up a room for Nick, but Nick keeps this information secret while he plots to break up Kyle and Fish. Todd and Tea spend Christmas Eve with his boys.


Mitch gives Dorian his demands, threatening to harm one of her girls unless she fires Bo as Police Commissioner and replaces him with someone else he has in mind on Monday, December 21.

Wanting to have a lasting connection to Jared, Natalie hopes there’s a chance she could be pregnant but that dream soon vanishes on Tuesday, December 22

Even from his hospital bed, Mitch manages to be a menace to Dorian on Wednesday, December 23

Encore presentation will air (originally aired on September 11, 2009) on Thursday, December 24

One Life to Live will be pre-empted on Friday, December 25

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