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OLTL Previews: Week of January 11


OLTL Spoilers: Week of January 11

Bo, John and Brody team up to bring down Mitch.

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Mitch tangles the citizens of Llanview in his evil web, as his schemes directly or indirectly affect everyone. Jessica, Brody, Marty and Cole confess to stabbing Mitch, forcing the new Police Commissioner Lowell to dismiss charges; however, he fires John in retaliation. Natalie tells Viki and Charlie that she, in fact, stabbed Mitch, but to everyone’s relief John informs them that no one will be prosecuted. Bo, John and Brody team up to bring down Mitch, as well as Dorian, who remains firmly under Mitch’s thumb. A light bulb comes on when Charlie reveals to Dorian that he once tried to kill Mitch. Kim is anything but disappointed to learn Rex is moving into the loft to protect Stacy and his unborn child (the guppy, whose father is really Oliver Fish) from Mitch. Kim promptly takes advantage of this turn of events by wrangling an invitation from Clint to live at the Mansion. Kim convinces Clint to drop his lawsuit against Nora in order to keep the family mansion in HIS family (since he no longer considers Bo a brother). David tries to expose crafty Kim’s clever con, but she promptly turns the tables on him. Clint appreciates Kim covering his hide, but he’s not fooled as to her real motives, and let’s her know it. Dorian’s family turns their backs on her. John has figured out that Mitch is pulling the strings regarding Dorian’s recent decisions and warns her that she will never be free of Mitch as long as she continues to try and handle him on her own.

Todd is adamantly opposed to Starr’s plans to move in with Cole, but Blair and Starr convince him that he’ll lose Starr forever if he doesn’t back off. Mitch, however, shows up to provide Todd with a twisted solution to the problem when he agrees to “eliminate” Cole, in return for Todd’s help in persuading Jessica to soften toward her father. Mitch is disappointed that Todd refuses to cooperate, to say the least. Danielle discovers Ross is still alive and residing in Tahiti. When he learns Danielle tried to kill Todd, Ross tells Danielle the truth about her biological father, and lovingly convinces her that she must return to Llanview to get to know him.


Blair can’t get enough of Eli. Jessica tries to be nicer to Stacy for Rex. Markko and Langston realize they can’t live with Cole, Starr and Hope. While looking for an apartment, Langston and Ford have a close encounter and Markko sees them. Matthew misses Danielle. Ford accepts Fish, Layla and Cristian’s offer to move in with them. Kyle overhears Stacy and Schuyler arguing and figures out Rex is not the baby’s daddy. Kyle and Ford have an awkward introduction. David wants to sue Ford for a cut of the royalties he’s getting from an internet version of their failed reality show. Stacy and Schuyler try to convince themselves that Kyle won’t tell anyone that Rex isn’t the father of Stacy’s baby. Fish tells Kyle he accepted Rex’s offer of a job moonlighting to protect Stacy and his baby from Mitch. Mitch torments Viki, Charlie, Natalie and Jessica at the Buenos Dias Café. Viki worries about Charlie’s state of mind. Matthew misses Danielle. Fish tells Kyle he’s moonlighting as a bodyguard for Stacy.


Mitch reminds Dorian that he’s the one calling the shots and Dorian’s wheels start turning when Charlie reveals he once tried to kill Mitch in a drunken rage on Monday, January 11.

Kim convinces Clint to back down and drop his suit against Nora in exchange for keeping the mansion on Tuesday, January 12

Tea and Danielle strike a deal in which Tea won’t rat Ross out to the authorities if Danielle leaves with her on Wednesday, January 13

Kyle walks in on Stacy and Schuyler’s argument just in time to hear that Schuyler, not Rex, is the father of Stacy’s baby on Thursday, January 14

Mitch torments Viki, Charlie, Natalie and Jessica at the Buenos Dias Café on Friday, January 15

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