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AMC Previews: Week of March 29


AMC Previews: Week of March 29

JR continues to manipulate Annie into believing he wants to get along with her.

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Annie dodges a bullet when she’s able to destroy the divorce papers Colby arranged to have delivered to Adam. JR promises Colby he’ll take care of Annie. Annie privately panics when JR tells her he knows all about the divorce papers. Annie doubts JR’s sincerity when he claims he wants to try and get along with her. While sleeping next to Annie, Adam dreams that Brooke is the woman beside him. JR continues to try and manipulate Annie into believing he wants to get along with her. Annie learns she and JR have been invited to testify before a congressional subcommittee to boost awareness for the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry.


Tad arranges for Damon to take a job as an intern at Fusion but Damon quickly bolts when he becomes frustrated over not being able to figure out the numbers on the spreadsheet Randi asks him to work on. Damon takes his frustration out on Tad before revealing he never graduated from high school and takes off. Tad’s anxious to find Damon. Damon and Colby hide out in the attic at the Chandler Mansion and continue to connect. Colby offers to tutor Damon while he pursues getting his GED. Tad gets frustrated when he can’t connect with Damon.


Knowing Ryan can hear her, Greenlee tells David she loves him. Greenlee insists she’s going to stand by David’s side. Greenlee admits to David her feelings for him are true, but David’s afraid he’ll end up hurting her in the end. Greenlee wonders why David is trying to keep her from the trial and wants to find out what really happened regarding her accident. David admits to Liza that Kendall caused Greenlee’s accident.


Tad pushes Ryan to fight for Greenlee. Liza defends her decision on representing David to Jesse. Angie is the voice of reason, when it comes to Damon and Tad. Jake and Amanda hire a nanny. Brooke becomes worried when Adam admits he’s come to rely on her. Annie tells JR she doesn’t trust Brooke. Amanda begins her modeling career.


Ryan restrains David until Jesse arrives and arrests him on Monday, March 29

Erica and Brooke remain as scratchy as ever when they bump into each other on Tuesday, March 30

Opal tells Erica to take a chance with Jack on Wednesday, March 31

Ryan offers Tad the job of casino manager on Thursday, April 1

Jack insists that Greenlee should know it was Kendall who caused her accident on Friday, April 2

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