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Adrianne Leon Returns to 'General Hospital'


Adrianne Leon Returns to 'General Hospital

Adrianne Leon returns to the role of Brook Lynn on “General Hospital.”

The Quartermaine mansion is filling up fast these days! First Edward gets a new great-granddaughter Maya, then his adopted granddaughter Skye is set to return, and now another of his great-grandchildren is returning to the fold! Get ready to welcome back Brook Lynn Ashton! Adrianne Leon is set to reprise her role next month.

Though originally hired in 2002 to write songs alongside Rick Krizman for ABC’s General Hospital, she was cast in 2004 as Brook Lynn, the rebellious child of Ned Ashton (Wally Kurth) & Lois Cerullo (then-Lesli Kay). Though Brook Lynn was a talented singer & song writer, her lack of desire to pursue a singing career was a source of constant tension between her and her music executive mother. It wasn’t until the death of her rival Sage Alcazar (Katie Stuart) did Brook Lynn fully embrace her talent. Her character was friends with Georgie Jones and her uncle Dillon Quartermaine (Scott Clifton). Brook and Maxie were the targets of the PCU Stalker, who turned out to be Brook’s ex-boyfriend Diego Alcazar! Diego blamed Brooke and the gang for the death of his cousin Sage (who he never met) and wanted revenge. Brook also dated Lucas Jones, who told her he was gay before she returned to New York to focus on her career.

Leon, who was on contract with GH, reportedly asked to be let out of her contract at the end of 2005. Soon after, it was announced she was joining The Young and the Restless as a recast of Colleen Carlton. During her stint on Y&R, she was paired with Thad Luckinbill (JT) and Eyal Podell (Adrian). On June 18, 2007, the actress was informed she we was fired. "I was notified today that I will no longer be part of the cast of Y&R and that the last day I worked (last week) was actually my last day there," she wrote on her Official Myspace Blog. "I wish I would have known that then… and had taken the opportunity to let everyone know just how much I enjoyed working with them in addition to how greatly they will be missed."

She went on to write: "I love and adore the cast/crew and production and I am very thankful to Sony/CBS, Marnie Saitta, Barbara Bloom, Ed and Kathy, Y&R and all others involved in my casting…. for providing me with this amazing opportunity. It has been an honor to work with yet again, an award winning cast and crew (not to mention loving, supportive, professional….a wonderful second family)…and to have been part of not only an amazing show but the number one daytime drama. That’s been a blast. I hold only fond memories (well minus this one) and wish the show all the best especially with their future Colleen plans. She’s a wonderful character and has so much potential."

According to the actress, she was getting ready to go on vacation when she taped her final scenes on the show. In a Q&A session on her blog, a fan asked "When you had to say in a scene that you were leaving to "see your mom", how did you not get that you weren’t coming back to the show"? Leon responded: "I was expecting to leave for a one week vacation in about a week of time so I thought that was a way to casually excuse my character for my personal vacation time. That is the reason that I did understand the exiting line….looking back, it was very clear." Leon chose to focus on her education and music career after her dismal from Y&R. Her band Caught Crimson is currently on hiatus.

Soap Opera Digest reports the actress begins taping in April, and will first air during May sweeps.

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