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AMC Previews: Week of March 22


AMC Previews: Week of March 22

Randi warns Ryan to be careful were Madison is concerned.

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JR’s anger towards Annie rises when she insists she’s his bone marrow donor. Alone with Colby, JR tells her he has a plan to get rid of Annie. Back at the mansion, Brooke tries to talk some sense into Annie as she points out that Annie is her own worst enemy. Feeling like everyone is always against her, Annie starts packing a suitcase when Adam asks her why she told JR the truth. JR plans on killing Annie with kindness and surprises Marissa when he tells her they’ll be moving into the mansion once he’s released from the hospital. Adam’s exasperated by Annie’s feelings of insecurity and paranoia. Annie vents her frustrations over Brooke’s presence in Adam’s life to Liza. Adam and Annie’s romantic interlude doesn’t go as planned. Annie seethes when she spots Adam and Brooke in what appears to be an intimate moment.


Liza asks Tad point blank if he’s breaking up with her and doesn’t like the answer she gets. Hurt over the breakup, Liza throws Tad’s past in his face. Liza heads to ConFusion and is being charmed by Damon. Tad sees Liza and Damon at the bar. Tad accuses Liza of being vindictive by using his son to go after him. Angie believes Damon is on drugs and confronts him. Damon becomes defensive when Angie questions him about the bottle of pills that went missing from the meds cart. Angie gives Damon the benefit of the doubt but once she’s gone, Damon reveals he did indeed steal the drugs and pops a pill.


David sees a news report on TV saying that Greenlee’s been arrested. Jesse has Greenlee arrested hoping to lure David out of hiding. Greenlee’s surprised to find David waiting for her at Fusion. David tells Greenlee he’s going to turn himself in to take the heat off her but she refuses to allow him to do so. Greenlee has David carried back to Adam’s hidden inside a crate. David admits to Greenlee it’s time he stopped running. Upset over the thought of losing him, Greenlee wants David to find a way to fight back. After making his escape from the tunnels, David encounters Liza and suggests they work together.


Brot suggests Natalie go undercover posing as a model for Fusion to get closer to Greenlee. Tad gives Damon a dose of tough love. Madison is attracted to Ryan. Randi warns Ryan to be careful where Madison’s concerned. Erica steals Amanda out from under Greenlee during the model auditions for Greenlee’s new Fusion campaign. Jack tells Erica he’s decided to stay in Pine Valley. Annie knows Colby is up to something.


Jesse puts his plan in motion on Monday, March 22

Tad’s in no mood to forgive Liza on Tuesday, March 23

Adam refuses to allow David to keep hiding out at the mansion on Wednesday, March 24

David learns that Damon is Tad’s son on Thursday, March 25

Greenlee is unaware that Ryan is following her on Friday, March 26

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