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GH Previews: Week of March 22


GH Previews: Week of March 22

Luke and Sonny face off over Ethan’s innocence.

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Ethan goes to the lakehouse to talk some sense into Kristina and violates the restraining order against him. Sam calls the police and has him arrested. Jason and Carly discuss the fact that Kristina might not be telling the truth. Carly stops by to visit with Kristina and when she is on the verge of telling Carly the truth, Alexis returns, who is livid to find Carly grilling Kristina with questions. Carly leaves and goes to tell Jason about her visit. Ethan explains to Luke he was not the one who attacked Kristina, Luke believes him and urges him to stay in town and prove he didn’t do it. Ethan questions Luke about the past Lucky and he had previously talked about. After learning of Jason’s doubts about Kristina’s story, Lucky goes to question Kristina again. Johnny takes the anger he feels towards Sonny out on Ethan. Carly shares her suspicion that Kiefer beat Kristina with Jason. Luke faces off with Sonny over Ethan, stating he believes in Ethan’s innocence. Kristina pleads once again with Sonny not to take action against Ethan. Sonny tells Jason he won’t retaliate against Ethan at this time for Kristina’s sake. Ethan’s stunned when Lulu explains she thinks he’s guilty because he’s just like their father and reveals that Luke once raped Laura. Luke infuriates Sonny when he implies Kristina might be lying about who attacked her. Sam and Alexis discuss what would happen if Kristina pressed charges against Ethan and what she would endure by going to court. Kristina tells Kiefer she is not pressing charges against Ethan. Carly goes to visit Michael on the island and tells him about Kristina being attacked by Ethan. Michael is certain it was Kiefer and not Ethan who attacked his sister. Sonny goes ballistic upon learning that Kristina isn’t pressing charges against Ethan and he’ll walk away a free man. Claire witnesses Sonny’s tirade against Ethan in which he states in no uncertain terms that he wants Ethan dead. Luke pays Kristina a visit.


Opening statements at Sonny’s murder trial conclude. Dante is summoned to the courthouse to testify and it interrupts the first time he makes love to Lulu. Maxie’s health deteriorates as those who love her worry. Claire forces Dante to implicate Michael as a possible witness to Claudia’s murder, he later confronts her about having to drag Michael’s name into it. Patrick arranges a romantic picnic for Robin but Lisa comes upon the scene before Robin gets there. Carly accuses Jax of wanting to destroy Sonny at Michael’s expense. Jax surprises Carly when he prevents Claire from learning Michael’s whereabouts. Robin and Patrick argue about Sonny but soon make up. Claire wonders how Johnny will perform on the witness stand. Jason meets Conan, a new employee at the restaurant who’s the son of one of Sonny’s allies. Johnny warns Claire that Dante will end up protecting Sonny. Maxie has a vision of Georgie.


Jason and Carly discuss the fact that Kristina might not be telling the truth on Monday, March 22.

Dante’s forced to implicate Michael as a possible witness to Claudia’s murder while being questioned by Claire on Tuesday, March 23.

Robin and Patrick argue about Sonny but soon make up on Wednesday, March 24.

Kiefer becomes angry when he learns Kristina doesn’t want to press charges against Ethan on Thursday, March 25.

Maxie has a vision of Georgie on Friday, March 26.

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