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AMC Previews: Week of April 19


AMC Previews: Week of April 19

Liza gets David acquitted!

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JR has his work cut out for him when it comes to Annie. JR and Annie wind up in an awkward situation. JR infuriates Annie by telling her he only slept with her to set her up for a fall. JR and Annie’s anger turns to lust, which Adam witnesses. JR tries to explain to his father what he’s been up to with Annie. Adam accuses JR of really wanting Annie. Annie’s attempt to do damage control falls flat and is crushed when she realized Adam never loved her. JR can’t seem to get Annie of his mind. Annie threatens to tell Marissa everything unless JR lets her keep living at the mansion.


Brooke admits to Adam that she loves him, but refuses to breakup his marriage. A heartbroken Adam accepts Brooke’s decision and is crushed as he watches her walk away Brooke says goodbye to JR and asks Erica to watch after Adam. Brooke and Erica have a truce, who offers Brooke to use her chartered jet. After his fight with Annie, Adam rushes to the airport after Brooke. Adam demands that Erica order her pilot to turn Brooke’s plane around. Brooke gets a surprise when she returns to the airport. Adam declares his love for Brooke and informs her his marriage is over.


The news of Palmer Courtland’s death makes it’s way around Pine Valley. Palmer’s loved ones, including Daisy and Nina, gather at Tad’s to mourn their loss together. Daisy confesses to Opal about her and Palmer’s annual tryst, but Opal tells her she knew about their relationship. Daisy tells Opal that she was the one Palmer really loved and wanted to be with. Opal and Daisy share an embrace and remember Palmer. Everyone reflects on a special moment they shared with Palmer as they light candles in his memory.


Erica reaches out to Jack. Brooke arrives at Palmer’s memorial with Adam. Angie pulls the rug out from under David. Amanda continues to receive email from her obsessed fan. Tad promises Damon his life is going to start taking a turn for the better. Brot continues to spar with Natalia. David and Greenlee see themselves as a force to be reckoned with and make love for the first time.


Liza gets David acquitted on Monday, April 19

Pine Valley says goodbye to Palmer Courtland on Tuesday, April 20

Stuart’s spirit pays Adam a visit on Wednesday, April 21

Damon faces the judge in court on Thursday, April 22

Brooke and Adam say adios to Pine Valley on Friday, April 23

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