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AMC Previews: Week of April 12


AMC Previews: Week of April 12

Adam steps down from Chandler Enterprises and hands the reins over to JR and Scott.

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Greenlee puts the pieces together and realizes that it was Kendall that ran her off the road. Kendall confirms Greenlee’s suspicion, but swears to her it was all an accident. Greenlee’s blood boils as she accuses Kendall of trying to kill her, because she wanted Ryan for herself. Kendall is horrified to think Greenlee would accuse her of deliberately causing the accident. Kendall turns the table on Greenlee and brings back all the horrible things she’s done to her. Kendall points out that she was able to forgive Greenlee and begs her for forgiveness. Zach is stunned to see Greenlee alive and they embrace with a hug. Zach tells Greenlee why they left Pine Valley and even though he forgave Kendall for sleeping with Ryan, he will never forget it. Zach confesses that he still wants to make his marriage work after all is said and done. He later tells Greenlee she herself played a role in the events that led to the accident and changed everyone’s lives. Greenlee’s anger returns in full force, when Ryan arrives with Kendall.


David saves Adam’s life in the courtroom. David informs Adam that if he doesn’t remove himself from all things stressful, he will surely die. Liza realizes she needs Greenlee’s testimony to guarantee an acquittal for David. David panics when he learns Greenlee went to find Kendall. David fears Ryan and Kendall will destroy Greenlee and tells Liza to do whatever it takes to get him out of jail so he can be there for her. Despite David’s protest, Greenlee barges into the courtroom determined to testify. Once on the stand, Greenlee praises David, while vilifying Kendall.


JR is disgusted with himself after making love with Annie. JR lets his anger out and is surprised to see Marissa at his door. Annie is horrified when JR tells her about Adam. Annie and JR agree they can never be together again, but the spark between them still exists. JR admits to Annie that he wants her, but still loves Marissa. Adam announces to his family that he will step down at Chandler Enterprises due to health problems and hands the company over to JR and Scott. Annie pulls JR into a passionate kiss. JR succeeds in getting the evidence he needs to destroy Annie.


Angie tells Tad that she thinks Damon is suffering from ADHD. Damon lashes out at Tad when Tad suggests he be evaluated by a psychiatrist. Jake encourages Brot to take a chance with Natalia, while Amanda says the same thing to Natalia. Brot catches Natalia off guard when he pulls her into a kiss. Someone is sending Amanda emails. Brooke insists to Adam there’s no way they can be together. Ryan severes all ties with Greenlee, telling her he could never be with her after the way she treated Kendall.


Brooke vows to take care of Adam on Monday, April 12

Annie’s not happy with Brooke’s growing attachment to Adam on Tuesday, April 13

Greenlee isn’t sure where her next destination should be on Wednesday, April 14

Adam surprises Brooke with a kiss on Thursday, April 15

The jury reaches a verdict in David’s case on Friday, April 16

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