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GH Previews: Week of May 24


GH Previews: Week of May 24

Will Brook Lynn join Carly in her quest to destroy Dante & Lulu?

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SWanting to destroy Lulu and Dante, Carly offers Brook Lynn to pay off her debts and return to Port Charles if she sleeps with Dante. Carly also offers an additional financial incentive if Brook Lynn gets pictures of her tryst with Dante. Olivia sees Carly and Brook Lynn planning their next move and becomes curious about seeing them together. Brook Lynn tries to gain Dante’s trust by playing up the drama between Olivia and Johnny.

Lulu keeps her distance from Dante as she debates whether or not to tell him about her abortion. Eventually she decides to tell him the truth.


Elizabeth misses her ultrasound appointment, mistakenly taking Jake & Cameron when it’s actually Lucky’s day to have them. She returns home to find an Nikolas waiting for her. An angry Nikolas confronts Elizabeth about her irresponsibility, accusing her of purposely trying to miscarry.

Tracy learns of Helena’s evil plans when she visits Tracy in the dungeon. Luke tries to break into the Cassadine mansion but is caught by Thor. Luke is reunited with Tracy when Thor takes him to the dungeon.


Jason discovers a badly beaten Michael and wants to take care of it, but Michael tells him to leave it alone. Jason teaches Michael self-defense maneuvers to protect himself. Michael updates Jason on life in prison, making sure he knows that lockdown doesn’t necessarily mean you’re safe. Carly learns of Michael’s beating after visiting him in prison. Carly vows to destroy Dante & Lulu for what they’ve done to Michael.

Sam visits Jason and is denied a conjugal visit because they are not legally married.


Kristina tells Michael she blames Sonny for him being locked up. Johnny continues to be a thorn in Sonny’s side when he steals some of Sonny’s business partners. Sonny threatens to kill Johnny in retaliation, with no regard to how that might affect Michael. Claire asks Dante to help her convict Sonny so Michael can be released. Sonny makes a deal to bring down Johnny before a mob war breaks out. Lucky learns Claire believes she can double cross Sonny and take down Johnny at the same time. Sonny tells Olivia he’s purposely antagonizing Johnny so he can kill him in self defense. Lisa plays on Patrick’s jealousy when she flirts with Steve.


Claire asks Dante to help her put Sonny behind bars so Michael can get released on Monday, May 24.

Carly offers Brook an incentive of $50K if she gets pictures of Dante cheating on Lulu with her on Tuesday, May 25.

Patrick falls prey to jealousy from Lisa’s purposeful flirting with Steve on Wednesday, May 26

Jason attempts to find out who hurt Michael, but Michael demands that Jason leave the topic alone on Thursday, May 27.

Sam visits Jason but cannot have a conjugal visit because she is not legally his wife on Friday, May 28.


Does Sam want to get married? Brook reunites with the Quartermaines. Luke continues to worry about Tracy.

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