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OLTL Previews: Week of May 24


OLTL Previews: Week of May 24

Marko has no alibi when John questions him about Ford’s attack.

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John declares his feelings to Natalie, who doesn’t reveal that she slept with Brody. Jessica tells Brody she remembers, but forgets to mention what went down with her and Ford. Langston comes clean with Starr about Ford. Markko’s bruised fist serves as a reminder of Ford’s taunts of his sexual conquest. Ford is beaten and left for dead. Cris and Layla find Ford lying in his own blood and call 911. At the hospital, Markko arrives to get treatment for his sprained wrist as Ford is rushed in. Cristian tells Markko that he and Layla were forced to give a statement to the police and explains that if Ford dies, Markko could be arrested for murder. John questions Markko about his wrist and Markko admits he punched Ford, and that he has no alibi for the crime. When Dorian learns of Ford’s injuries, she covers for Langston but Langston swears she didn’t do anything to Ford. Langston and Markko are both under suspicion as the police continue to investigate the attempted murder. Markko seeks Tea’s legal services and is placed under arrest.


Rex and Gigi are released from jail and find and old photo in the mystery box that leads them to a cabin at Wheeler Peak in the Sangre De Cristo mountain range. When they arrive at the cabin, they discover letters that indicate Rex’s parents never saw each other again after their brief romance in Santa Fe. Blair accompanies Tea to her first radiation treatment, after which, Tea heads to court to represent Todd. Tea unsuccessfully tries to get the charges against Todd dropped, but succeeds in getting him out on bail. Todd’s first act upon being freed is to hire henchmen to deliver a bound and gagged Hannah to his office.


At the airport John declares his feelings to Natalie. John explains that what she witnessed with Marty was a goodbye kiss on Monday, May 24.

Natalie is thrilled by the news that Jessica has recovered her memories on Tuesday, May 25

Rex and Gigi locate the cabin from the picture and find a cache of letters that give clues as to who Rex’s parents are on Wednesday, May 26

Jessica sees the news report about Ford and wonders if she did it on Thursday, May 27

Jessica apologizes to Cristian for the trouble she caused him and Layla on Friday, May 28


Will one disastrous event after another derail Bo & Nora’s wedding?

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