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OLTL Previews: Week of May 17


OLTL Previews: Week of May 17

Starr and Cole share a last dance on prom night.

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Starr tries to maintain a festive mood while everybody is preparing for the Prom, but she’s miserable that she won’t be going with Cole. As she reflects on the rift between her and Cole, a police car pulls up and Cole climbs out to escort her to the prom. Jessica pulls a fast one at the prom and gets herself and Cris named Prom Queen and King. Layla walks out on Cristian, but Jessica’s thrill of success turns to agony of defeat, when Cristian turns his back on her to pursue Layla. Langston finds Ford and Karen “inflagrante”. After the prom winds down, the party goers file out of the gym leaving Starr and Cole alone to share a last dance. As the prom attendees filter into the Buenos Dias Café, more surprises ensue. Markko discovers Ford and Langston kissing. Ford hits Markko with the truth that he’s been sleeping with Langston. After having it out with Langston, Markko walks out on her. Jessica walks in on Cris proposing to Layla. Brody makes a last ditch effort to get Jessica to remember what they shared, but fails.


Natalie regrets ever writing the love letter to John but when he doesn’t show up at Rodi’s she goes to his office just in time to witness him kissing Marty. Unbeknown to Natalie, this kiss is John and Marty’s last goodbye after he reads the letter Natalie wrote. Natalie, believing she’s lost John forever, turns to Brody. They commiserate about their losses over a few cocktails, and seek comfort in each other’s arms. After sex, Natalie and Brody are stunned by what they’ve done and recognize it was completely a response to their grief over losing John and Jessica. Natalie’s plans to leave Llanview are still a go. While Natalie and Brody are getting busy, John’s also busy trying to find Natalie. Meanwhile, Ford is comforting a devastated Jessica in his bedroom. Ford’s come-on causes Jessica’s memories to come flooding back to her.


Cris and Layla celebrate and share news of their engagement. Kelly and Reid share a kiss. Matthew tells Dani he loves her after they kiss. Before Tea can share a secret with Blair she’s struck but a blinding headache. Rex and Gigi’s jail time is well spent when Penny delivers the lock box.


Starr X’d Lovers Part II and Marty gives John Natalie’s letter on Monday, May 17.

Markko catches Ford and Langston in a kiss and Cris proposes to Layla on Tuesday, May 18

John searches for Natalie and Brody shares a secret with Jessica hoping it will restore her memories on Wednesday, May 19

Brody and Natalie commiserate, and commemorate their lost loves by sharing a kiss on Thursday, May 20

John comes face to face with Natalie at the airport on Friday, May 21


A surprising declaration is made. Hannah learns she’s messing with the wrong person.

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