Christina Bennett Lind Cast as ‘All My Children’s New Bianca

'All My Children' Finds Their New Bianca

Christina Bennett Lind tapped to play the new Bianca Montgomery on ‘All My Children.’

Welcome Home Bianca! Newcomer Christina Bennett Lind will take over the role of Bianca Montgomery on June 14. Michael Logan of TV Guide Magazine was the first to report news of the Bianca recast.

All My Children executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers told Logan, “Christina oozes goodness and we really needed that for Bianca. Eden brought an integrity and honest innocence to the role that was very tough to match. We turned the earth upside going through the candidates. When Christina came in to read for the part she was Bianca. I think it’ll be a very easy transition for the audience.”

Lind replaces the Emmy winner Eden Riegel (now on The Young and the Restless as Heather Stevens), who’s heart breaking performances as Bianca captivated fans and critics alike. Lind has big shoes to fill and it will be no easy feat. Bianca is one of AMC’s most beloved characters and taking on a role such as this will require a lot from the newcomer.

Bianca’s return is linked to the disappearance of her mother Erica. Expect a confrontation between Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) and Bianca. For more news on the casting head over to TVGuide Magazine.

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