Sneak Peek: Carly Recruits Brook Lynn; Steven & Lisa Flirt

Sneak Peek: Steven & Lisa Flirt; Carly Makes Brook Lynn An Offer

Scenes featuring General Hospital characters Steven, Patrick, Lisa, Carly & Brook Lynn airing later this month.

TVSource Magazine has a set of special clips from upcoming scenes on ABC’s "General Hospital."

The Steven (Scott Reeves) and Lisa (Brianna Brown) scenes begin to pick up over the next few weeks, as Lisa is showing more interest in Steven. The question we want to know….is her interest in Steven genuine? Or just a way to make Patrick (Jason Thompson) jealous.

Also, this month features the return of Adrianna Leon (formerly Adrienne Leon) as Brook Lynn Ashton. Brook Lynn is expected to play majorly into Carly’s (Laura Wright) plan for vengeance against Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Lulu (Julie Berman). Dante’s mother Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) will be suspicious of Carly & Brook Lynn. Will Olivia discover Carly’s plan?

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In clip one, a shirtless Steven (OMG) and Lisa flirt with each other. Steven tells Lisa a little bit about his musical background, she shares some of hers. Patrick comes to the door and isn’t amused.

In clip two, Carly questions Brook Lynn about her recent troubles. Brook Lynn shows some attitude before Carly makes her an offer.

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