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GH Previews: Week of June 28


GH Previews: Week of June 28

Dante and Jason chase down a lead on Franco.

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Luke and Sonny talk about how Sonny’s first wife, Lily died in a car explosion. Olivia calls Kristina and Johnny out on their ruse and believes Johnny’s vendetta against Sonny is more important to him than she is. Michael and Dante discuss their past encounters with the law, while Max and Milo plant the bomb in Johnny’s car.

Luke tries to convince Ethan to go away with him on a trip, but Ethan refuses. Luke asks Lucky to talk some sense into Ethan to stay away from Johnny. Sonny asks Alexis to set up a family dinner for Friday night giving him an alibi for the bombing. Luke comes up with a plan to keep Ethan away from Johnny on Friday night. Sonny, Max and Milo go over the plans for Friday night.

Sonny discovers Johnny at the restaurant. After confronting Kristina and Johnny, Olivia goes to see Sonny. She tells him about Johnny and Kristina’s plans and that is was all a ruse. Kristina leaves the dinner early and sneaks out to meet Johnny. Sonny realizes Kristina is missing and rushes to save her. Johnny finally gets through to Kristina and offers to drive her home. As he unlocks the car door, the car explodes.


Jason requests a gun for protection but Dante refuses and reminds him he is the bait and not to take any kind of action against Franco. Sonny asks Jason to promise him he will return to prison after Franco is caught. Maxie tells Lucky she is afraid Franco is back in town and going to come after her. Franco returns to Port Charles and looking for Jason. He heads to the Harborview Towers dressed as a homeless man. Claire sets up a press conference hoping to lure Franco out into the open. Both Sam and Spinelli make plans for Jason’s homecoming.

Maxie visits Spinelli and Jason at the penthouse and notices the homeless guy sitting outside the apartment building. Dante becomes suspicious of the homeless guy who is lurking outside Jason’s building. Dante pursues the homeless man, when he catches up to him, he discovers it’s not Franco. Spinelli locates Franco’s mother. Dante and Jason follow up on the lead but she denies having a son. Maxie receives 2 dozen roses from Franco, he delivers 6 more roses in person.


Lulu and Dante have make up sex. Patrick and Lisa share a kiss, when he pulls away, she kicks him out of her apartment. Elizabeth receives bad news about Shirley’s condition from Steven and Epiphany. Maya breaks things off with Ethan. Luke tries to get Tracy to care so he packs a bag to leave on a trip. The kids plan a party for Luke only to find out he has stolen $10million from Tracy. Steven lifts Patrick’s suspension so he can operate on Shirley.

Matt and Maxie meet up and she tells him she’s not giving up on him. Patrick and Lisa perform surgery on Shirley and remove all the cancer. Lulu tries to convince Tracy that Luke really does love her. Patrick and Lisa celebrate at Metro Court. Because of Shirley’s ordeal, Elizabeth realizes she’s treated Nikolas wrongly.


Luke tells Sonny that payback will only come to hurt his family on Monday, June 28.

Lulu returns to reconcile with Dante and the couple has make-up sex on Tuesday, June 29.

Franco returns to Port Charles and comes looking for Jason at Harbor View Towers dressed as a homeless man on Wednesday, June 30

Sonny discovers Johnny in his restaurant and the two face off on Thursday, July 1.

Johnny has finally gotten through to Kristina and she agrees to end their ruse and pursue a healthier approach to life. Johnny offers to drive her home and as he unlocks the car it explodes on Friday, July 2.


Kristina is caught in the blast. Sonny lies to Alexis. Maxie plants a kiss on Lucky. Robin comes on to Patrick in the supply closet.

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