Getting To Know Gabriela Rodriguez


Getting To Know Gabriela Rodriguez

In our latest interview, newcomer Gabriela Rodriguez (Gabi) talks about working on Days of Our Lives and what she’s into when she’s not working.

Cuban-born and Miami-raised Gabriela Rodriguez has been singing, dancing, and acting for most of her life. She played the lead roles in several middle school productions such as Grease; Annie, Jr.; The Twist of the Tongue; The Final Dress Rehearsal; Resolutions; and If These Walls Could Talk. From there she quickly moved on to television, where she was a series regular on As the Bell Rings for Disney Channel and also played the lead role in The Tenant for Reel Dreams Productions. She is currently a series regular on Days of our Lives on NBC.

Rodriguez credits her parents for their tireless support and for encouraging her to achieve her dreams. It makes her try all the harder to be a successful actor and connect with audiences on an emotional level.

In addition to television, Rodriguez wants to tackle film as an action star or in a thriller. Her interests go far beyond acting to include dancing (she has participated in several ballroom dance competitions), fashion and even psychology. She stays focused by living according to her mother’s admonition, “One step at a time everything comes at the right time.”

In "Getting to Know Gabriela Rodriguez," we find out what how the young actress feels about working on Days of Our Lives as well what she’s into outside of work and her goals for the future.

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Name: Gabriella Rodriguez
Birthday:March 26
Age: 17
Hometown: Florida
{tab=Love of Dance}What I’m Into…:My number one hobby would probably be dancing. I love to dance, any kind of dance. I love ballroom, hip hop, lyrical, tap you name it I love it. I’ve been doing it since I was so young and it’s such a good way to express yourself and just let go. Sometimes if I’m feeling down I go to the dance class and I let all my energy flow through my body.
{tab=Just The Facts}
iPod Playlist:I really like Katy Perry’s new song California Gurls. I cannot stop listening to that song. That’s like my girlfriends and I we’re like riding in the car listening to that.
Favorite Food:I would have to say between sushi and Italian. I don’t know which one is first. I love them both so much.
Favorite Plays and/or Musicals:– I actually just watched the Chorus Line a few days ago. A-Mazing. It was so fantastic. I cried like a baby. It was so good. So that’s my #1 right now.
Favorite Movie:My favorite movie of all time is Center Stage. I could watch it 30 times a day. It’s a very good movie.
Did You Know? Gabriela received a brand new black on black Mercedes-Benz for her 17th birthday! When we suggested she never park her car in the sun, the actress laughed, "Tell me about it, I sat it in the other day. And I was like oh my god! I felt my skin like melted. It was awful.{/tabs}

TVSource Magazine: Was it always your dream to be an actress?
GABRIELA RODRIGUEZ: Yes it has been my dream to be an actress since I can remember.

TVS: What advice did your parents give you decided that you wanted to pursue a career in acting?
GR: You know my parents have always been so supportive of me. I’m so thankful, they inspire me every day. They tell me to keep trying. And you know we all have those moments where we’re kinda down. They’re always there for me and telling me I can do anything if I set my mind to it. This is such a tough business, I’m really glad to have their support.

TVS: What were some of the plays you did in school?
GR: Let’s see I remember when I was in 5th grade we did Annie and a play called Last Dress Rehearsal. We also did Grease and a bunch of lesser known plays. I remember we used to write our own plays in middle school. There were so many [Laughs].

TVS: Prior to joining Days of Our Lives, you had a regular role on the Disney Channel Series "As The Bell Rings." You got to work with Demi Lovato right?
GR: Yeah I did.

TVS: Who was your character on "As the Bell Rings?" Was that your first venture into comedy?
GR: Yeah, I played Brooke and she was a nerd [laughs]. She was just like the most down to earth one in the group. She was very into school and into telling everyone what to do. It was fun, it was a great experience.

TVS: Did you like doing the comedy?
GR: It’s actually very different from soap opera acting. It was a lot of fun. It’s so different you kind of can’t compare them. I love comedy and I love drama.

TVS: What made you want to audition for the role of Gabi?
GR: It was honestly so random. I had never auditioned for a soap opera before and I was like "wow this is different. I think I want to give it a try." She seemed like such a cool girl, I was like "hey let’s go for it."

TVS: After your audition how did you think you did?
GR: I went in there and I tried my best. I ended up talking with the casting director for a while and she just kind of explained to me about the character. We talked for a bit and that was that. The next day I got called for a callback and that was that.

TVS: How would you describe Gabi?
GR: She’s very loving and even though sometimes she can come off like loudmouth and just like I guess bratty, but she’s not. She’s a really good girl and has a really big heart. She loves her brother and sister and would do anything for them.

TVS: How similar are you to your character?
GR: I think I’m very similar to my character. I’m a very sensitive girl on the inside, but I also like have a strong personality and I only show like my soft side to people I’m comfortable with. I think that’s kind of the same with her.

TVS: Describe your typical day at DAYS.
GR: Walk into set, say hi to security guards. Go to hair and makeup and rehearse. We do block in the morning and then just chill in my dressing room until it’s my turn to go up and do my thing. And then of course we have lunch and then we just wait around and hang out with your friends, talk to the other cast members. It’s super fun and chill. I love it.

TVS: On overage how many episodes do you tape a day?
GR: Sometimes we do two full episodes a day which is crazy. But it’s usually one.

TVS: How would you describe Gabi’s relationship with her siblings?
GR: She loves them so much and even though Gabi and Arianna get into little bickering fights every once and a while, it’s love. They’re great. Galen [Gering] and Lindsay [Hartley] are great people, I couldn’t ask for a better brother and sister.

TVS: Gabi dated Chad for a bit but was dumped for Mia only to turn around and dump Mia soon after. Do you think Gabi is still into him? Would she give it another shot if he was interested?
GR: I definitely think Gabi is into him. She was heartbroken because they really didn’t have a chance at a real relationship. It was just kind of left like on the verge of something new and interesting. She was just starting to like him and she didn’t know where it was going. I don’t know… I still think she might have a little thing for him.

TVS: It’s typical in soaps for the characters who were dumped by their partners to start bonding and get closer. I thought the show might decide to pair up Gabi and Will. How would you feel about that?
Oh I think that would be so perfect. They’re so compatible. They’re just very good people. I think that would be fun, and I think the audience would like that.

TVS: Can you tell me a little about your upcoming storyline?
GR: I don’t know what I’m allowed to tell you, I don’t wanna get fired! [laughs] I can say I’ll be working with a lot with Casey [Diedrick] and Chandler [Massey]. I had a couple of scenes with Ali too which I’ve never really worked with so I had fun doing that. What else….well right now we’re on two week hiatus so I’m just waiting for my new scripts. I’m excited to read those.

TVS: Might there be some romance in Gabi’s future?
GR: Umm…definitely yes. [laughs] Let’s hope so.

TVS: Who would you like to work more with?
GR: I don’t know. I feel like we all kind of work together. I’d like to work a little more with Joe Mascolo or Lauren Koslow. Pretty much any of the veterans on the show.

TVS: If you could play another character on the show who would it be?
GR: I want to be somebody evil. Who’s evil? Can I play Stefano? [Laughs] I love him. He’s so awesome. It would be a lot of fun to play.

TVS: Where do you see yourself in five years?
GR: I don’t know….making movies. Working I hope [laughs]. Definitely working that’s the goal.

TVS: Do you plan on going out for pilot season?
GR: Yes I definitely do intend on doing that. But I’m happy at DAYS. I’m having so much fun and it’s such a great learning experience. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I don’t know how it works. I’m just happy to be on this show honestly and I want to be on there for a while, so let’s just hope that happens.

TVS: Were you close with Taylor Spreitler?
GR: I was. I was very close to her.

TVS: So you were sad to see her go?
GR: Oh we were so sad. We got a little bit teary eyed when she did her last scene. I went to set and everyone was crying. I gave her a big hug, but it’s fine though because I see her all of the time.

TVS: The Daytime Emmys are coming up later this month. Have you decided what you’re wearing yet? What kind of look are you going for?
GR: I actually went today to try on more gowns which was amazing. The dresses are so beautiful. That was like my favorite thing to do. I love trying on pretty dresses. What girl doesn’t like that? I think I know what I’m going to wear. I definitely have my #1 pick and hopefully I’ll be able to wear that.

TVS: I hear the red carpet will be inside this year.
GR: Yeah, I’m so happy. I did not want my makeup like my mascara running down my face from the heat and sweat. That would not be good.

TVS: How would you describe your personal style?
GR: I love fashion. I love shopping; I’m such a girly girl when it comes to that. I’m very open. I think I dress depending on my mood. So if I’m having a little bit of more of a relax day, I’ll wear something like really urban Sometimes I want to get all preppy. It depends on my mood honestly; I can’t say I have one style that I constantly go by.

TVS: What are your favorite trends in fashion right now?
GR: Let’s see, my brain is not working right now. I’m really into watches lately. That’s like my new thing. I’m trying to collect every possible color there is. And like big watches. I love them. I’m kinda into that. I think it’s just a phase. [laughs] What else? Oh I’m definitely a purse and shoe girl. Purses and shoes are my favorite things ever.

TVS: Who is your favorite designer?
GR: I really, really like Rachel Roy. I’ve been wearing her a lot to events and stuff. I don’t know if she’s like a really famous or like Valentino or anything, but I really like her clothes.

TVS: Do you have any influence on your character’s wardrobe.
GR: I sometimes do. Sometimes they’re like "which one do you like better?" Most of the time they provide the clothes and I’m like ok. Once in a while I’ll get something that I would actually wear, but other than that Gabi doesn’t really dress like me.

TVS: What are some of your favorite accessories? Besides watches? Are you into jewelry?
GR: Oh I love jewelry. The more the better.

TVS: How would you describe your perfect piece of jewelry? Let’s say you’re on Rodeo Drive and you’re shopping and there’s this one piece that you have to have? What would it be?
GR: Oh my god, it would be a HUGE ring. I love big giant, bulky over sized bright rings. And it’s funny because my friends make fun of me. I have such little hands and I’m always wearing these gigantic rings.

TVS: Put together your "go to" outfit. The outfit you could wear every day.
GR: I’m a dress girl. Little tiny dresses. Dresses and heels can’t go wrong with that.

TVS: Favorite pair of shoes?
GR: My favorite pair of shoes…I have these um nude beige colored heels. They’re kind of like wedges but they’re very sophisticated and they’re like 6 inches. They’re super high. That’s why I like them. They’re so comfortable.

TVS: I’ve been told that being fashionable means sometimes being uncomfortable.
GR: Yes, sometimes [laughs]. It’s worth it though. It’s absolutely worth it. I’ll stand in heels all night if I look good.

TVS: Have you thought about designing some of your own clothes?
I’ve always thought of that. That would be so amazing and something I will definitely look forward to doing in the future.

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