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AMC Previews: Week of June 28


AMC Previews: Week of June 28

Erica inherits from Palmer but will she abide by his wishes?

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Jackson and Erica learn that Palmer’s will is to be read. Erica tells Jackson she wants to get married as soon as possible. Jackson reads Palmer’s will to the family. Erica and Palmer’s nephew Caleb Cooney are named partners of Cortlandt Electronics and its subsidiaries. Caleb and Erica are in shock over what Palmer’s plans for them are. Caleb learns that Palmer bought Wildwind and wants him to live there. Opal insists to Erica and Caleb that they must follow Palmer’s wishes.


Annie and Scott defend themselves to JR on why they are attending the reading of Palmer’s will. JR tells Annie that their sexual relationship will never happen again. Marissa excuses Krystal of never being their for her, when she tries to give her advice regarding JR. Tad senses that JR loves Marissa, but his actions say otherwise. In efford to prove herself to the family and to the man she loves, Annie wants to make a donation on bealf of the Chandler family for Palmer, but JR beats her to the punch.


Colby tells Liza she got her internship in New York. Liza asks Damon to let Colby go to NY on her own and start a new life. Damon tells Colby that he has things to take care of in Pine Valley and that she should go alone. Colby accepts Damon’s decision but wonders where they stand. Damon and Paul get into a heated argument. Damon tells Paul that he never wants to see him again. Tad hits Paul and is arrested. Liza questions Damon on why he wants Tad to adopt him.


Angie admits to Jake that she might have AVOR and he encourages her to tell Jesse. David and Greenlee are in for a shock when they head to Wildwind. Jesse believes Angie’s health problems are caused by David. Ryan invites Madison to join him on a business trip to NY.


David overhears Bianca trying to convince Greenlee to let David take the fall for the Miranda scandal on Monday, June 28

Bianca tells her mother she is going back to Europe on Tuesday, June 29

Caleb kicks David and Greenlee out of Wildwind on Wednesday, June 30

Amanda finds the incriminating photos of Liza on Damon’s phone on Thursday, July 1

Tad gets the results of Damon’s adoption on Friday, July 2

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