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OLTL Previews: Week of June 21


OLTL Previews: Week of June 21

Christian is quick to point out to Layla that her family doesn’t know about their engagement.

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Ford tells John that Hannah is the one who attacked him. After John leaves, Ford takes a call and explains that he has done as he was told and turned John’s suspicions to Hannah. John and Brody discover evidence of Hannah’s obsession with Cole when they search her dorm room. Hannah has discovered some important information herself. Hannah lures Cole to a beach house where she’s planted evidence to convince him that Starr and James slept together. Hannah learns she’s a suspect in Ford’s attack. Cole surprises Hannah with a kiss, and almost sleeps with her. Hannah tells Cole she’s developing feelings for him. Eli warns Marty that if Cole doesn’t show up soon he’ll be wanted for jumping bail. Todd remains convinced that Hannah pushed Marty and framed him. Starr and James are on the run. Starr tells James that she’ll get him the money to pay back his father. As they are leaving Viki’s cabin, Starr and James come across David Vickers. James persuades Starr to help him try to steal a car. Todd and Blair work together to find their daughter.


Tea agrees with Todd that they have to tell Dani she’s ill. Dani apologizes to Tea. Kelly discovers the name Bennet Thompson hidden in the broken vase her mother made for her. Todd kisses Kelly. Jessica continues to express her concern that she is involved in Ford’s attack. Jessica confides in Natalie that she almost cheated on Brody with Ford. Rex and Gigi discover the metal case that James abandoned. Matthew tells Bull that Nate has his money.


Ford receives a mysterious call and says he did as he was told and shifted suspicion toward Hannah on Monday, June 21.

Jessica tells Natalie about how she almost cheated on Brody with Ford on Tuesday, June 22

Dorian squelches plans for Viki and Charlie on Wednesday, June 23

When Layla takes Cristian for a picnic at the quarry, Cris points out they have yet again aborted a trip to Maryland to tell Layla’s mother about their engagement on Thursday, June 24

The dealer surprises Todd and Blair with a story about Starr’s complicity in the theft of a car on Friday, June 25

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