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ATWT Previews: Week of June 21


ATWT Previews: Week of June 21

Reid thinks he sees Luke and Noah sharing an intimate moment.

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  • Lucinda uses her charm on Faith
  • Reid makes a decision about his position at the hospital
  • Molly and Holden plan their wedding
  • Chris ties to talk to Katie about their relationship

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Lucinda’s private investigator reveals that the shooting doesn’t look like it was in self-defense. Lucinda wants Lily to use this newfound information to break Holden and Molly up. Lily says that she would feel guilty if she used this knowledge against them. Later, she goes to the farm where she runs into Molly who is in her wedding dress. Molly and Holden have planned on being married that afternoon. Shocked, Lily blurts out that Molly shouldn’t go through with it. Before she realizes it, Lily blackmails Molly with the information from the PI. Sure that the details of the shooting will get out sooner or later, Molly tries to arrange for a work assigned to send her abroad. Holden finds out, and assures her that he can sort everything out. Later at Snyder pond, Holden tells Lily to leave Molly alone.

Parker and Gabriel argue over Liberty. Parker is hesitant to begin legal proceedings against Craig. Faith and Lucinda plot to frame Gabriel and get him out of Oakdale for good. Janet shows Jack her sonogram. Janet is upset that Dusty falsified her father’s inheritance. Chris thinks that Katie should stop wearing her wedding ring. Bob and Chris talk about Katie and how it’s important that she finish grieving on her own terms. Luke and Noah bond at Java over happy memories. Reid quits his job at the hospital. Noah realizes that Reid quit his job for Luke. He struggles with being a good friend to Luke, and tells him to reach out to Reid. Reid however, is too grumpy to take his calls.


Chris threatens to expose Vienna’s truth.

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