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SOAPnet Celebrates Father's Day with "Sins of the Father"


SOAPnet Celebrates Father's Day

SOAPnet to air a “Sins of the Father” General Hospital marathon to celebrate Father’s Day.

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As all of us celebrate and honor our fathers and father figures, SOAPnet will also celebrate by airing a mini marathon on Sunday, June 20 with back-to-back episodes of ABC’s General Hospital in a block they’re calling “Sins of the Father.”

Mobster Sonny Corinthos has grown to respect and admire his newest employee Dominic Pirelli. But their relationship takes a turn for the worse when the mafia boss learns that the man he’s considering entrusting his empire to is really an undercover cop. Sonny gets his revenge for the betrayal by shooting Dominic, but he’s in for the shock of his life—he’s actually just shot his own son, Dante Falconeri.

3PM – General Hospital Episode #2009-11889 (Original Air Date September 11, 2009) – Sonny visits Dante in the hospital and thanks him for saving Morgan’s life. As Olivia wrestles with the idea of telling them they’re father and son, she’s shocked to walk in and see them bonding over childhood stories.

4PM – General Hospital Episode #2010-11983 (Original Air Date January 29, 2010) – The tension builds as Sonny prepares to kill Dante for betraying him. When Dante realizes what’s happening, he starts to arrest Sonny who pulls out a gun and shoots him. As Dante falls to the floor, Olivia walks in and tells Sonny that he shot his own son.

5PM – General Hospital Episode #2010-11989 (Original Air Date February 8, 2010) – Dante is in the hospital recovering from Sonny’s gunshot and the two have their first conversation as father and son. Sonny hopes they can try to build their relationship, but Dante rejects him. Sonny goes to the chapel to pray and realizes that he doesn’t want to give up on making things work with Dante.

6PM – General Hospital Episode #2010-12030 (Original Air Date April 6, 2010) – Dante lashes out at Sonny, telling him he’s the reason all of his kids are having problems. When Dante ends up punching him, Sonny says he’ll let it go this time, but can only be pushed so far. Dante scoffs at that and tells Sonny to come and get him any time.

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