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OLTL Previews: Week of June 14


OLTL Previews: Week of June 14

Starr gets carjacked by James who escapes from the hospital!

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James carjacks Starr and Hope as he escapes from the hospital. When it’s safe, he pulls over and releases them. James goes to look for the bag of money he’s hidden at the quarry, but he’s too late. Nate and Dani have already found it. James receives a threatening call from Bull. Return the money, or Starr will suffer. On graduation day, Starr receives her diploma, and then is promptly hauled away by James. James admits he stole $50,000. Nate plans to give the money to his mother. Eli arranges for Cole’s bail, and Cole surprises everyone by showing up at Starr’s graduation party. Cole and Langston are concerned by Starr’s absence. Langston apologizes to Cole. Starr hides James in Viki’s cabin. Nate gives his mother a check for $50,000 to save her from losing her home.


Todd and Tea argue because she kept her condition a secret, but he vows to stand by her. After Starr’s graduation ceremony, Todd accompanies Tea to her treatment. David plans an evening with a couple of ladies of the night to lift Matthew’s spirits. Jessica tells Brody that she was with Ford the night of the attack. Although Jessica is worried that one of her alters may have attacked Ford, Dr. Levin assures her there is no evidence that her mental illness has resurfaced. Ford tells John he remembers everything about the night he was attacked. John sees Hannah threatening Marty and he questions her about the attacks on Marty and Ford. Layla wants to go to Maryland to see her mother.


Matthew tells David that he and Dani broke up. David plans a night on the town for the both of them with two gorgeous women on Monday, June 14.

John informs Brody and Jessica that Ford is awake and talking on Tuesday, June 15

It is Starr and Langston’s Graduation Day. Dorian toasts the two young Cramer women who have overcome so much on Wednesday, June 16

Todd accompanies Tea to her radiation treatment and continues to give her his support on Thursday, June 17

John witnesses Hannah threatening Marty and he questions her about the attack on Marty and Ford on Friday, June 18

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