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AMC Previews: Week of June 21


AMC Previews: Week of June 21

Annie questions her relationship with JR.

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Jackson checks Erica into PV Hospital and thinks about Caleb. Soon after, she focuses on Jackson who proposes. Erica spots Greenlee at the hospital and tries to go after her, but Krystal and Opal hold her back. Caleb can’t stop thinking about Erica. Jackson informs Ryan that Erica has no idea about the allegations against her regarding the Miranda scandal. Jackson tries to hide the allegations, but Erica soon finds out. Madison tells Erica that Greenlee is a suspect in the plane crash. Greenlee cries on David’s shoulder as she is hurt over the strained relationship between her and Jackson.


With Annie’s help, Scott tries to sneak Palmer’s will out from Jackson’s bag. Wanting to keep Annie away from her family, Marissa turns to David for advice. JR gets a whole new appreciation for life. JR tells Annie that he has a family to take care of, while she claims she doesn’t want to lose Scott. Annie wonders if her relationship with JR could have been more than just sex. Scott comes to Annie’s rescue after Ryan is upset with her regarding Emma.


Things get awkward at the Martin home when Damon interrupts Liza and Tad’s date. Tad informs Paul that he is Damon’s father. Paul informs Liza of Tad’s plans with Damon and warns her that the boy is trouble. Colby tells Damon she loves him. Tad informs Damon that the Martin’s are nothing like his old family.


JR and Annie kiss goodbye. Greenlee is shocked to see Erica. Ryan suprises Madison with a kiss. Angie and David argue on how to run the hospital. Angie’s health declines. Jesse awards Natalia with a ceremony for making detective.


Greenlee confides in David on Monday, June 21

David stops Bianca from revealing the truth on Tuesday, June 22

Bianca promises David he will pay for all his crimes against women on Wednesday, June 23

Bianca tells Greenlee about David drugging her on Thursday, June 24

Angie discovers shocking news on Friday, June 25

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