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AMC Previews: Week of June 7


AMC Previews: Week of June 7

Jake and Amanda are getting married….if Jake can stay out of jail!

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Colby offer Liza a truce regarding Damon, but Liza has other things on her mind. Liza goes to extremes to make sure that Colby and Damon are done. Liza hires a hooker to seduce Damon, but she winds up seducing him instead. Liza texts Colby to come over and her plan backfires. Thinking it’s Colby, she has no idea who is waiting for her. Damon switches the game, by blackmailing Liza with racy photos of her. Colby questions Liza’s motives by the sudden change of heart. Liza tells Damon that Tad slept with her mother and she doesn’t want him hurting Colby the same way.


Jake and Amanda have trouble keeping their vow of celibacy until the wedding. David heads to the casino, where Jake’s bachelor party is being held. After a dispute, David punches Jake. While in cuffs, David eggs on Jake who punches him and the two wind up in cuffs. Amanda and Greenlee crash the party, just as the two are getting handcuffed. Greenlee apologizes to David.


Ryan and Greenlee share a moment while looking for Amanda’s ring. Sexual tension is high between Tad and Liza. Angie collapses in Jesse’s arms. Krystal and Jackson head to West Virginia to find Erica. Jesse is concerned over Angie’s health. Jackson refuses to represent David. Madison accompanies Ryan to the wedding.


JR becomes jealous of Scott and Annie’s friendship on Monday, June 7

Liza goes to great lengths to breakup Colby and Damon on Tuesday, June 8

Ryan can’t help but remember his adventures with Greenlee on Wednesday, June 9

Jake and Amanda’s wedding gets underway on Thursday, June 10

Angie reassures Jesse that she is okay on Friday, June 11


Colby’s change of heart frustrates Damon. Greenlee defends her husband. Bianca returns (played by newcomer Christina Bennett Lind). Will Jackson find Erica? JR fights his desire for Annie.

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