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GH Previews: Week of June 7


GH Previews: Week of June 7

Jason takes matters into his own hands regarding Michael’s assault.


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Carter comes looking for trouble with Jason in his cell, but he is no match for Jason. Before Jason can get any information from Carter, he runs away. Michael admits to Jason that it was Carter who attacked him. When Jason pushes Michael to tell him what Carter did, Michael shuts down emotionally. During Sam’s visit, Jason tells her of his intention to kill Carter. Sonny’s visit with Michael results in them discussing Kristina’s anger towards Sonny. Jason tries to get details from Spinelli about Carly’s plans for Dante. Later, Carly reveals she rented the apartment across from Dante, for Brooke.

Michael learns about Jason’s intentions of killing Carter and begs him not to. Michael has another visit from Carter in his jail cell, but tries to defend himself. Jason discovers Carter has a shower at the same time every time and he plans his attack. Michael again tries to sway Jason from retaliating against Carter. Jason and Carter have a stand off in the showers and Jason stabs him in the stomach. Before Carter takes his last breath, he has a message for Jason from Franco.


Brooke and Dante remember a time when her aunt caught them in a compromising position and thought they were sleeping together. Lulu doesn’t find it amusing and asks if they have a sexual past. Both of them deny it. She later discovers Brooke moving in to the apartment across the hall from Dante. Dante and Lulu find themselves having problems being intimate with each other.

Dante encounters Sonny and argues with him over Sonny trying to seduce Olivia. Lulu tells Dante that Brooke has moved into the apartment across the hall and he seems pleased at the news. When Lulu seems to be upset by his reaction, Dante tells her, she is the one he loves and they have sex.

When Brook locks herself out of her apartment, she knocks on Dante’s door wearing nothing but a towel and dripping wet. Dante and Brook try to pick the lock of her apartment when Lulu arrives home and is not pleased to see Brook in one of his shirts. When Brooke comes over to return Dante’s shirt, Lulu accuses her of trying to steal her man. Lulu sets some ground rules with Brooke when it comes to Dante. Later, Dante receives a photo from Franco.


Carly admits to Sonny their relationship was an abusive one. Sonny asks Kristina to try therapy again, but she refuses the offer. Kristina experiences some teasing at school about her and Kiefer. Kristina reacts badly towards Johnny when he puts his arm around her. Sam believes Johnny is using Kristina to get to Sonny. Skye asks Ethan to befriend Kristina to give her a boost of self confidence. Kristina visits Michael and blames Sonny, Michael defends him. Kristina tells Sonny she hates him. He remains adamant he has not been abusive towards women to fend off Kristina’s allegations. Kristina tries to recruit Johnny to help her with her revenge against Sonny.


Patrick prepares a romantic dinner for Robin before she travels to Africa. Carly admits to Jax she wants him to do everything in his power to get Michael released from jail, even if that means putting Sonny behind bars. Nik is on the search for Luke and tries to recruit Ethan to help him search the island, but Ethan refuses to help. Helena denies Tracy medical attention and Tracy begins to hallucinate. Liz contemplates investing in a pharmaceutical company breaking her son’s trust. Lisa invites Steve to dinner with Patrick to celebrate a successful surgery on a patient. Luke tells Tracy their marriage is a sham, but wants to marry her for real this time. Johnny asks Ethan to help him steal another one of Sonny’s suppliers. Maxie warns Patrick to keep his jealousy of Lisa and Steve in check. Lisa decides to go out with Steve rather than have dinner with Patrick. Lucky tries to pass himself off as a drifter on the Cassadine island but Nikolas recognizes him. Carly gets involved when Patrick interrupts Lisa and Steve’s dinner date.


Sonny visits Kristina and offers to go to therapy again. She refuses, saying she is done repeating mistakes by making excuses for him on Monday, June 7.

Olivia encourages Sonny to seek help with abuse on Tuesday, June 8.

Dante assures Lulu of his love and they have sex on Wednesday, June 9

Skye asks Ethan to befriend Kristina and give her positive reinforcement to help bolster her self-image on Thursday, June 10.

Patrick interrupts Steve and Lisa’s date, pulling in Carly to make Lisa jealous on Friday, June 11.


Lucky locks Nikolas in Helena’s dungeon. Ethan agrees to be Johnny’s right hand man. Sonny is livid when he sees Johnny and Kristina together. Judge Carroll makes a decision about Michael.

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