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ATWT Previews: Week of June 7


ATWT Previews: Week of June 7

Lily reacts to the news of Holden & Molly’s engagement.

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  • Lily reacts to Holden’s proposal to Molly
  • Meg’s tox screen results are released
  • Casey questions Vienna’s honesty
  • Bob asks Luke to help him schmooze a potential investor

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Lily is shocked to learn that Holden proposed to Molly. She is able to keep her emotions under control, but later admits to Lucinda that she went over to tell Holden that she wants him back. Lucinda tells Lily that she has learned that Molly killed Silas in self-defense. Lily doesn’t see how that could have any effect on their engagement, but Lucinda says that Holden’s proposal was a reaction to the shooting. Lucinda leaves and Lily is left to cry alone. Meanwhile, Molly begins to question Holden’s sudden proposal and believes that it is indeed a reaction to the shooting. He tries to assure her that it’s not, but Molly goes to Carly for advice on the situation. Molly confesses that she didn’t exactly shoot Silas in self defense. Carly, on the other hand, thinks that regardless Silas got what he deserved. Believing that what Holden told him is true, Jack agrees to help out Holden and Molly any way he can.

Jack is infuriated that Carly destroyed the glass swan. After a fight, Jack thinks that he and Carly can’t make it work together. Dusty becomes Johnny’s legal guardian while Craig is in jail at Janet’s persistence. Meg’s toxicology screen comes back positive. Emily continues to be blamed for Meg’s poisoning and is upset when Paul says that he thinks she is capable of that kind of devious behavior. Katie talks Vienna out of artificial insemination. Chris and Alison bond over the fact that they are destined to only be someone’s good friend, not significant other. Bob asks Luke to help him schmooze, Mona, a woman whose company wants to buy Memorial.

Luke asks Noah to come too, but Noah doesn’t want to be paraded around as a star patient. Noah shows up at the meeting anyway with a big fake smile and tells the investor that Reid’s an excellent doctor. Bob becomes aware of Luke and Reid’s feelings for one another and pressures Reid into making a choice; either his budding relationship with Luke, a donor to the hospital, or his job.

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