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GH Previews: Week of July 19


GH Previews: Week of July 19

Liz and Nik discover their newborn baby boy missing from the hospital!

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Liz and Nik welcome their new baby boy into the world. Shirley notices that the newborn’s ID bracelet ends in the numbers 66. Lucky is caught by Maxie outside Liz’s hospital room and confronts him about his feelings for Liz. Liz and Nik are ready to take their baby boy home and discover he is missing from the nursery. The hospital is put on lockdown so the police can search every room for the missing baby. Believing Helena is responsible, Lucky, Nik and Liz accuse her. Helena defends herself swearing she did not kidnap the baby. Franco delivers a message to General Hospital via television monitors. Lucky, Nik and Liz realize who has taken the baby.


In Pentonville, Jason tries to get a guard’s attention with the recent Franco photo clue, but the guard ignores Jason’s attempts. Dante asks Claire to help re-release Jason. Before agreeing to his release, Claire tests Jason and his commitment to capturing Franco. She agrees to release Jason, sending he and Dante off to find Franco in Los Angeles. Dante and Jason arrive at MOCA gallery in search of clues to Franco’s next move and meet Von Schlegal, Franco’s art dealer. Franco watches as Jason and Dante discover his Port Charles “art” in the LA warehouse. Dante warns Jason not to play into Franco’s hands. Taking the risk of going to prison, Dante decides to arm Jason with a gun. Jason gets a message from Franco and the situation comes to a head.


Sonny puts Warren in his place, realizing that Kiefer learned his abusive behavior because Warren abused him. Kristina arrives at the hospital with a sprained ankle she got playing tennis. As Kristina waits to see a doctor, Warren lashes out at her and insists she give him access to her hospital records. Michael gets into a fight on his first day of community service and shows up at the hospital for treatment. Lucky, Ethan and Mac break up a fight when Michael attacks Warren. Warren goes on a rampage in the hospital with a gun and people are injured.


Carly overhears Patrick and Lisa arguing over their one night stand while Robin was in Africa. Maxie tells Matt he is the best choice for her. Carly insists Michael live with her while Dante is away with Jason, but Lulu refuses her request. Lulu’s refusal only fuels Carly’s revenge against her and Dante. Spinelli confides in Sam that he is deeply hurt about losing Maxie. Carly suggests to Jax that they take things slow. Skye comforts Jax then suggests they go to Barcelona together to get her money. Johnny does not want to give up on Olivia and brings Italian pastries to her. Brook Lynn invites herself on a boat ride with Johnny. Jax agrees to go with Skye to track down Lorenzo’s fortune. Brook subtly tries to undermine Olivia and kisses Johnny on the beach. Shirley convinces Maxie to take her to see Liz and Shirley passes away. A guilt-ridden Patrick wants to be honest with Robin, but is afraid he will lose her. Johnny pulls away from Brook’s clutches and tells her he is still in love with Olivia. While Jax charms the Contessa Fernanda de la Barca, who has control of Alcazar’s millions, Skye gets access to the Contessa’s office and steals back Alcazar’s fortune.


Liz and Nik welcome their new child into the world on Monday, July 19.

Carly overhears Patrick and Lisa arguing over their affair while Robin was in Africa on Tuesday, July 20.

Brook subtly tries to undermine Olivia and kisses Johnny on the beach on Wednesday, July 21

Franco spies on Jason and Dante as they uncover his Port Charles “art” in the LA warehouse on Thursday, July 22.

Warren’s rampage at General Hospital leaves people injured on Friday, July 23.


Jason pulls a gun on Dante. Spinelli offers Jason and Sam a unique chance to be together. Lucky finds a dead body. Liz and Nik are devastated to learn who abducted their baby.

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