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OLTL Previews: Week of July 12


OLTL Previews: Week of July 12

Cole is disturbed by Starr and James’ bond.


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Todd alleviates Blair’s concerns about his reaction to Eli’s proposal when he encourages her to accept. With that roadblock out of the way, Blair leaves a message for Eli that she is prepared to give him her answer. Blair tells Langston about Eli’s proposal. Nora tells John and Marty she can’t make a deal granting Hannah immunity but it doesn’t really matter because Eli threatens Hannah to keep her quiet. Elijah offers to defend James. Hannah confesses to pushing Marty and attacking Ford, but pleads “not guilty by reason of insanity.” John’s not buying Hannah’s act, and Marty is uncertain as well. Cole’s attempts to expose Hannah’s ruse fail. The charges against Todd are dropped and Todd asks Tea to marry him. Blair accepts Eli’s proposal. Eli reminds Todd he hasn’t forgotten that he killed his brother, Ross, but Tea reveals that Ross is alive.


Cris and Layla are shocked to find Evangeline on life support. Layla is faced with a tough decision. John is upset that Jessica wrote an article about Hannah for The Sun. Cole is disturbed by Starr and James’ bond. Ford promises to protect his brother. Ford wants Cole to keep Starr away from James. Matthew comes clean with Destiny about telling Bull that Nate had his money. Inez is revealed as the mother who abandoned James and Ford, when she uses the money Nate gave her to pay their medical expenses. Markko accepts a scholarship to UCLA. David bakes a peace offering for Bo, but Bo insists he must move out. Natalie and Jessica nibble the goodies David baked, and become ill. Rex is feeling pressured to find Bennett Thompson for Kelly. Viki and Charlie have a plan to make David and Dorian jealous.


Cris and Layla are shocked to find Evangeline in the hospital on a ventilator. Layla is faced with a tough decision about keeping her sister on life support on Monday, July 12.

Unaware that David made them, Jessica and Natalie eat his muffins. Natalie and Jessica feel queasy and race for the restroom on Tuesday, July 13

Todd asks Tea to marry him. Blair says yes to Eli’s marriage proposal on Wednesday, July 14

Viki tells David that she wants him to model some swimsuits for The Banner’s style section on Thursday, July 15

Eli reminds Todd that he hasn’t forgotten that Todd killed his brother Ross and Tea reveals that Ross is still alive on Friday, July 16

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