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OLTL Previews: Week of August 23


OLTL Previews: Week of August 23

Locked up with Ford, Kelly goes to work and tries to convince Ford to turn on Eli.

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Locked up with Ford, Kelly goes to work and tries to convince Ford to turn on Eli. Eli, Blair, Dorian and David plan their double wedding. Eli wants to elope. Blair is reluctant to leave Dani but Eli is persuasive. Blair tells Dorian she doesn’t want a double wedding. Brody and John burst into Eli’s cabana to arrest him, but find it empty.   When the cops can’t find Eli, they grow concerned for Blair’s safety. Blair and Eli arrive in Tahiti. John tells Kelly and Ford that Eli escaped. Brody and Natalie work together to discover Eli’s destination. Natalie and Marty have an awkward moment when Marty comes to see John at the LPD. John reveals more than one surprising bit of news to Marty. Hannah is innocent of killing their baby, and Natalie is pregnant with his child. Eli works to keep Blair in Tahiti as she grows increasingly concerned about Dani and wants to return to Llanview. Blair discovers a gun among Eli’s belongings.  Blair hesitates to say “I do.”  Rex and Kelly figure out where Blair is.


Shaun keeps his word to Tea when Dani seeks his help to find her mother.  Todd kidnaps Shaun and holds him prisoner until Shaun agrees to take Todd and Dani to Tea.  Todd and Dani arrive too late and are heartbroken to learn Tea has died.  Still months away from being able to have paternity tests, Natalie and Jessica continue to have faith that John and Brody are the fathers. David and Dorian’s wedding is rudely interrupted. Clint arranges for David to be held in Moroccan prison as revenge for David’s role in ending his marriage to Kim. Ford tries to lure Langston back to him, and bickers with his brother over James dating Langston. Cole visits Hannah and its clear they have feelings for each other. Destiny and Darren befriend Nate. Layla realizes it is Bennett Thompson who persuaded her mother to remove Evangeline from life support.


Cole warns James to stay away from Starr on Monday, August 23.

Dorian and David’s wedding comes to a halt on Tuesday, August 24.

Shaun agrees to take Todd and Dani to Tea on Wednesday, August 25.

Jessica tries to get Ford’s medical history and Natalie has an awkward run-in with Marty on Thursday, August 26.

Ross is devastated to learn of Tea’s imminent death on Friday, August 27.


One woman learns her lover isn’t a bachelor, but a widower.

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