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OLTL Previews: Week of August 9


OLTL Previews: Week of August 9

Natalie shares news of her pregnancy with Brody.

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John is puzzled when Natalie and Brody linger just a bit too long at a crime scene.  Natalie tells Brody that she’s pregnant and considered having an abortion.  Natalie explains to John that she and Brody were delayed at the crime scene because she wasn’t feeling well, and she had to admit to Brody that she was pregnant.  John is warming up to having a baby with Natalie. After Eli knocks Cristian out and steals the Bennett Thompson file, he almost discovers Kelly in his room where she’s searching for evidence.  Kelly hides under the bed, and texts Rex to come to her rescue. Eli shreds the Bennett Thompson file and Kelly and Rex manage to retrieve the confetti.  Rex thinks Natalie can help put the pieces back together. John questions Eli about Hannah’s suicide attempt. Eli tells Hannah to keep a tight lip if she wants Cole to be safe. Cole tells John he does not buy Hannah’s confessions. John questions Hannah.


Viki and Charlie return to learn of Jessica’s pregnancy and engagement. Jessica confronts Ford and wants to know with certainty that they didn’t have sex.  Inez introduces her sons to each other.  Starr tells Langston that James has feelings for her.  Langston accepts a date with James.  Tea asks Blair to be Dani’s mother and legal guardian after she’s gone.  Dani and Todd are not pleased with Tea’s decision to go to hospice and Dani demands Todd intervene, but Todd insists they must honor Tea’s wishes.  Todd and Dani say their goodbyes, and Tea implores Todd to be the best he can be for Dani. Nate and Dani continue to bond.


Kelly attempts to do her own investigating into Eli. Natalie tells Brody she’s pregnant on Monday, August 9.

Encore Episode:  GH’s Brenda revisited on Tuesday, August 10.

Todd and Danielle say their goodbyes to Tea. Viki and Charlie return on Wednesday, August 11.

Inez tells Bo she took his advice and told her three sons the truth on Thursday, August 12.

Gigi promises Brody she’ll never tell anyone he and Natalie slept together on Friday, August 13.


Blair shares Kelly’s theory with Eli. Will Ford tell John want he knows? Starr and Langston have conflict over James.

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