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AMC Previews: Week of August 30


AMC Previews: Week of August 30

Angie’s latest disorientation attack could have disastrous consequences.

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Despite Jake’s insistence that he will take over as chief of staff until she is able to retake the position, Angie knows his hearts not in it and decides he can’t take the job. While visiting with Miranda, Angie has a visual disorientation attack and starts to smell smoke.  Caleb comes in and rescues Angie and Miranda who is unconscious upstairs.  Miranda is rushed to the hospital and a relieved Bianca learns she will be ok. After the incident with Miranda, Angie wonders if she can continue to be a doctor, Jesse encourages Angie not to give up.  Angie has another attack and while at a party with Jesse, David antagonizes her.


After her encounter with David, Madison tells Greenlee she understands why she needs Ryan’s help.  David tells Liza he plans to destroy the evidence towards Greenlee in an act of trust. Greenlee finds the key that Liza gave to David and she gives it to Ryan.  Ryan and Greenlee begin to map out their plan to destroy David once and for all.  Kendall pushes Ryan on his feelings for Greenlee.

Marissa and JR work out a custody agreement and later give the news about their divorce to AJ.  Tad is surprised to hear that Krystal is going to the party with Caleb. Caleb announces he will change his last name to Cortlandt. Opal starts to do a little background check on Caleb.  Madison turns to alcohol when Ryan blows her off to help Greenlee.  JR is a little leery when Colby and Asher spend a lot of time together.  David reveals to Greenlee he overheard her plotting with Ryan.


Ryan and Madison share a kiss on Monday, August 30th

JR tells Annie that he’s accepted her commitment to Scott on Tuesday, August 31st

David is catching on to Greenlee and Ryan on Wednesday, September 1st

David and Greenlee continue to outwit each other on Thursday, September 2nd

Someone collapse during the mayor’s speech on Friday, September 3rd


A Major Character Dies.  An autopsy is performed. Madison confronts someone about the death. The person killed haunts someone close to him/her.

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