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OLTL Previews: Week of August 30


OLTL Previews: Week of August 30

Will John close the book on Eli before he can escape?

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Blair says “I do” just before taking Kelly’s phone call and learning all the latest news about her groom.  Blair confronts Eli, and holds him at gun point.  Eli swears his innocence but ultimately confesses.  He tells Blair he truly loves her and wants her to go on the run with him, but Blair’s not having any of it.  When Blair tries to notify the police, Eli makes a grab for the gun and it goes off.  Meanwhile, John, Kelly and Rex learn Ross is alive. The police in Tahiti notify John that they’ve apprehended Eli.  John plans to go to Tahiti to extradite him.  When John arrives in Tahiti, he discovers Ross instead of Eli and takes off to find Eli and Blair.  Eli collapses from the gun shot and as Blair moves to help him she knocks over an oil lamp setting the curtains on fire. Blair tries to put out the fire.  John arrives in time to rescue Blair from the burning building, but the flames are too fierce for him to return for Eli.  Blair is horrified when a charred body is discovered and confirmed to be Eli.  Kelly shows her gratitude to Rex for helping her find her mother’s killer. They later bond when they learn of Eli’s death.


Clint mocks Dorian about David leaving her.  Clint offers Matthew an internship at Buchanan Enterprises.  Clint is intrigued by Bo’s new assistant.  Destiny warns Matthew he’s displaying some unsavory personality traits.  Cris and Layla plan their wedding, but Cris has an opportunity in Philly, and Layla is offered a design job in Paris.  Ford and Starr persuade James and Langston not to see each other anymore.  Ford explains to Cole that Eli forced him to lie about Hannah.  Cole queries Nora about Hannah’s legal problems.  Jessica confides in Kelly that she’ll have to take medications because Ford’s blood type is incompatible with hers.  Brody and Natalie worry together.  Natalie tells Gigi she is concerned what will happen if John learns he may not be the father of her baby.  Langston breaks off a kiss with Ford, and resists is appeals to give him another chance.


Todd and Dani learn that Tea died, and Dorian is shocked to find Clint in her bedroom on Monday, August 30.

Starr denies real feelings for James and says she loves Cole on Tuesday, August 31.

Eli wrestles Blair for the gun and it goes off and Marty visits Hannah on Wednesday, September 1.

John rescues Blair, but Eli perishes in the fire on Thursday, September 2.

Kelly and Rex grow closer over the news of Eli’s death on Friday, September 3.


One expectant mother comes clean about her baby’s paternity. Marty displays a forgiving nature. Greg receives a mysterious phone call.

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