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GH Previews: Week of August 30


GH Previews: Week of August 30

When Sonny learns he may be denied bail, he makes plans to flee the country and go to Rome.

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When Sonny learns he may be denied bail, he makes plans to flee the country and go to Rome. Brenda returns to Rome after her trip with Murphy, whom she finally agrees to marry. Interpol warns Brenda that she is being targeted by a crime figure known mysteriously as “The Balkan.” Brenda balks at warnings from Interpol to move back to the United States, refusing to re-adjust her life because of The Balkan threat.  At Sonny’s arraignment, Dante goes out on a limb to testify for his father that Sonny is not a flight risk. As Sonny is en route to Rome, Dante learns of his father’s betrayal. After talking to Diane, Jason realizes Sonny took off to Rome to see Brenda. Carly breaks the news to both Kristina and Alexis that Sonny has skipped out on bail and has fled to Rome. Sonny’s children struggle with the fact that their father fled the country, possibly forever, without saying goodbye. Sonny finally arrives in Rome with one thing on his mind – Brenda. Suzanne encourages Brenda to return stateside, but Brenda adamantly refuses. True to form, Carly inserts herself into the situation and encourages Jax to rescue Brenda himself in Rome before Sonny can get to her. A supportive Dante steps into the role of big brother and tries to be there for Kristina and Michael in Sonny’s absence.


Carly refuses to pay Brook Lynn for services rendered.  Brook Lynn threatens Carly that she will tell Lulu the truth about Carly’s involvement. Brook Lynn heads to Dante’s apartment and comes clean with Lulu.  A shocked Lulu decides to confront her cousin Carly. Lulu is floored to hear Carly’s confession, but the skilled liar twists the truth and turns the tables on Brook Lynn. Lulu takes solace in the idea that Brook Lynn is out of her and Dante’s life. Brook Lynn turns to the Quartermaines for shelter, but Tracy soon busts Brook trying to steal from Edward’s bank account and promptly kicks her out of the mansion. Nikolas valiantly picks Brook up and whisks her away to Wyndemere. Nikolas offers Brook Lynn refuge and she is taken in by the Cassadine opulence. Brook Lynn admits the truth about Carly hiring her to seduce Dante, and Nikolas offers her a position as his escort to a charity function (but not as a hooker).


Olivia believes Sonny did indeed shoot Johnny in self-defense. Michael confesses to Jax that he does not want to return to Madison High School in the fall. Lucky happens upon the cabin where Sam and Jason are in a face-off with Santos Lopez’s men. After deliberately stepping in front of Robin’s moving SUV, Lisa innocently tries to claim that Robin tried to kill her. Johnny wakes up. Jason, Sam and Lucky make a risky move. Robin comes to the realization that Lisa is trying to set her up.  Johnny tells Claire that Sonny shot him unarmed just as Olivia arrives to overhear him telling the lie. When Robin confronts Lisa at the hospital, Patrick worries Lisa will file charges. Dante goes to Jason and Spinelli to help prove Sonny’s self-defense plea. Claire takes Johnny’s statement. Olivia implores Johnny to tell the truth. Sam shows no concern for taking care of her ankle, but Jason insists on taking care of her himself. Robin tells Nikolas that she believes he did the right thing in letting Elizabeth go. Johnny offers Lucky a job. Jason realizes Sam is insecure about Brenda when Sam hits him with a few questions about his ex-wife. Robin discovers Emma’s favorite toy boiling in a beaker of hot water in her research lab. Jason assures an insecure Sam that he loves only her. Michael’s prison issues resurface at the country club pool when Kristina’s girlfriend hits on him. Lisa tricks a fellow doctor so she can once again work with Patrick in surgery.


Lisa amps up her plans when she claims Robin tried to kill her on Monday, August 30th.

Lulu finally confronts Carly about her scheming with Brook on Tuesday, August 31st.

Hovering between life and death, Johnny wakes up to find lady love Olivia sitting vigil at his bedside on Wednesday, September 1st.

Michael calls on Johnny to pay up on the favor of saving his life by admitting the truth about the shooting on Thursday, September 2nd.

Sonny and Brenda lock eyes in Rome just as thugs attack her on Friday, September 3rd.


Will Sonny be able to save Brenda from being kidnapped?  Matt wants a bona fide relationship with Maxie. Sonny tells Brenda that he is on the run. Robin and Patrick team up against Lisa. Tracy admits she misses Luke. Dante and Lulu hit the sheets. Nikolas enlists Alexis’s help for etiquette lessons for Brook (who’s not a hooker). Will Sonny turn himself in to the PCPD?  Carly tries to seduce Jax.

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