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AMC Previews: Week of August 23


AMC Previews: Week of August 23

JR learns of Scott & Marissa’s affair. Will he stop Annie & Scott’s wedding?

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Annie suggests to JR that he should focus on making his marriage work.  JR invites Marissa to the cottage and makes another plea to save their relationship.  Marissa makes a confession.  Annie is happy that Scott invited Ryan to the wedding ceremony for Emma.  JR is angry when Marissa declares their marriage is over.  As the wedding begins, JR shows up and tells Annie his marriage is over.  As he’s about to tell her about Scott and Marissa, the two are interrupted by Scott and he confesses.


Kendall opens up to Bianca and admits she feels like an outsider and is missing out on things by being a recluse with Zach and the kids.  Zach professes his love for Kendall to Liza.  Zach tells Kendall he wants her to be happy.  Kendall approaches Liza and informs her that she’s moving back to town and would like to have a different dynamic with her.  Liza questions Kendall’s motives.

Angie admits her medical condition to David.  David is sympathetic but he’s more interested in how this will end Angie’s career.  Colby offers Asher her family’s hotel room for the night. Greenlee questions Madison about her husband’s death.  The chemistry between Ryan and Madison heat up..


Greenlee accuses David of using Angie’s as an act of revenge on the Hubbards on Monday, August 23rd.

David comes to Marissa’s rescue on Tuesday, August 24th

Annie and Scott continue with their wedding on Wednesday, August 25th

Caleb asks Tad to bring down David on Thursday, August 26th

Kendall witnesses Liza giving David a small key on Friday, August 27th


David considers destroying the evidence he has against Greenlee. Angie has another visual attack. Ryan and Greenlee map out their plan. David collapses

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